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Twinning at it's finest. These peeps are related even if they don't know it yet.
So very similar. In my opinion, I thought Himchan looked really unique because he looked like a rabbit. Well, when Bobby stepped on the scene with his immense swag I was just like...'Another bunny.' & now I can't unsee it.
Super baddies. These women are so beautiful & I would love a collab stage with them. Better yet, with Jessie, CL, & Cheetah. Oh, mama.
I totally ship them, but what would their couple name be? CheeL? Ctah? Chaetah? Cheerin? So many options.
On some real stuff, somebody somewhere along these family trees is related.
Sexy af: Check. ✅
Deep voices: Check. ✅
Loves dogs & babies: Check. ✅
Have you heard Flow growliMeanTAlK? It's like a mating call like, wtf, I'm here, you're there, but I have no problem doing this Flow.
& BYG he's just it. He loves black culture & black women & I have both of those things going for me, so. *Bretman Rock noise*
But no, if I didn't know any better, I'd think Flow was BYG's, Bang Yongnam's, & Natasha Bang's older brother.
I swear, I'm always lusting after somebody's child. Maybe my next card will be about something chill. 🤔
Like...😐...the playlist that's gonna play at my wedding when I get married...😶...
To Jay. 😔
Lo siento. 😓 lo siento.