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SURPRISE!!! @MarrickeJ33 and I have been doing these stories but what you didn't know is that we planned this huge crossover. So now both of of our stories will be combined into 1 :-) Previous Chapter: We were having so much fun until, well Jay and Simon came back. Damn it. "Aye yo Dok2, so you for real gonna dance with my girl like that" Jay said. "Yo Jay, look we're all friends here and we just having fun aight. So chill out" Dok2 said. Then Simon responded, "so y'all think its all good to dance with our girls and we weren't gonna say anything?" "Well the last I heard, they AREN'T your girls anymore. You don't get to step in and tell them what to do." What the hell is going on right now. Everyone is getting heated. The girls and myself try to stay in the middle to keep them from doing anything stupid. But that didn't work. I got pushed to the side by Simon and Marricke' got pushed to the side by Jay and we both fell to the floor. All four of them looked as we fell and I knew right then and there that this was not going to end well.....
"Are you kidding me?!"Dok2 yelled pushing Jay. Ashley and I quickly got up with the girls help going in front of the guys. "We're fine."I said putting my hands on Dok2's chest. "Kiseok.What's going on?" Great he brought this bitch. "Jay.Honey." Oh and he got a bitch too. Hold up why they actin jealous then.Ugh.These two are confusing. "Nothing that concerns you sweet heart."Ashley said crossing her arms. "If it involves our men it is our concern."Jay's play toy said stepping in. "Fuck you and your men."I said close to almost hitting her.Just looking at her makes me wanna puke. "Fuck this.He pushed you to the ground and he's not getting away with it." He got in front of me and took the first hit connecting with Jays jaw. I tried to get in and stop it but fists are flying everywhere.Flow against Simon.Dok2 against Jay.This is crazy.I took my chance but got hit by Jay on accident.Thats when the fight escalades. Ashley saw me get hit and come over quickly without getting hit. "I'm fine.Let's just stop them." The other girls went to find Beenzino and the guys while the Thots were screaming not knowing what to do. I tried once again to stop them and noticed blood on the ground.i tried to see who was bleeding but they kept swinging.
I finally got Jay and Dok2 separated with Beenzino's help but Ashley was Havin a hard time getting Simon off Flow.I was just about to help her than Simon's bitch came along talkin bout get off my man and cheap shot Ashley in the face.Oh hell nah! Ashley pulled together and went after her.All you see was her eyes just go dark.That's one thing anyone would hate.Getting cheap shotted. "Get that bitch!"I yelled. That caused Simon and Flow to separate so they can pull the girls apart.Once Flow had Ashley the chicks friend came over trying to throw hands but nope.I got this chick.I quickly went over pulling her away and connecting my fist to her face and I just couldn't stop.All the anger I was feeling.Jay ruining my night,breaking my heart,and now this bitch.Can I just be happy? "Marricke!"I heard someone yelling. I'm not going to stop. I was finally pulled apart and noticed the arm wrapped around me were Jay's. "Let go of me.Don't fuckin touch me.Ever!"I yelled getting loose from his grip. "You and Simon just ruined a perfect night.Can't you both see we don't want you anymore.You both fucked it up!!" He just stared at me speechless and Ashley came over walking me away with the guys. "Let's go to my house."Dok2 said putting his arm around me.
~Dok2 House~ Flow and Ashley were in the bathroom taking care of his face while I sat in the kitchen having a drink. "Look Marricke.I'm sorry.When he pushed you I flipped.We were suppose to have a good night."Dok2 said sitting next to me. "Feels more like my fault." "You know what.It is." "Seriously?" "I would be jealous seeing my beautiful ex dancing with another guy."He said smiling. "Let's get your face cleaned up."Insaid taking his hand and leading him to the kitchen sink. "Yes ma'am."He said sitting on the counter. I grabbed a wash cloth putting warm water and began cleaning some of the dry blood around his mouth.For some reason I'm getting tight butterflies just being this close to him. Dok2 grabbed my wrist stopping me from wiping his mouth and kissed my wrist.His other hand went around my waist as he pulled me closer.He took his hand from my wrist placing it on my waist and leaned in kissing my lips.His lips taste so sweet.
~Ashley View~ "I can't believe this happened."I said putting rubbing alcohol on Flow's eyebrow cut. "Ow."He said wincing. "Sorry.We were having a good night.Dancing with you and my girls.Its been what 6 months.He should know I'm over him.Why.Why did have to be jealous and fight with you."I said putting on the butterfly band aid on his eyebrow. "Here Ashley.Let me fix you up."Flow said getting off the counter. "I'm fine." "Nope.You're not.Sit." I did as he said and sat on the bathroom counter. "Flow.Its just a busted lip.Im fine." "Ashley." "Ok.ok." He wiped the dry blood off my lip and the cut I had blow my left eye.Damn it hurts. "You wanna know why he did it?"Flow asked. "Why?" "Because he knows he just lost the best thing he's ever had."He said putting his hand on my right cheek. "He can't stand looking at another man treating you with the respect and love you deserve.I am that man." He slowly leaned it softly placing his lips to mine making sure he would hurt my lip.I couldn't help but kiss back.He kiss was like candy.
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Love the crossover!
@FromBlue2U Haha nah welcome to the crossover... I'm glad you're enjoying it 😂😂😂😂 lol.. I hope you enjoy the next chapter
@dayashley11 you are killing me!!! UGH!! I love it but the cliffhanger?! With simultaneous make out sessions in the same house?! now Imma be refreshing my feed until the next one...
@MarrickeJ33 it's just a know after all that happened you just looking for something.Maybe yall won't fall in love. Or will you??
@MarrickeJ33 it was amazing!!!🎉🎊
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