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Que tal peeps!

This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka @amobigbang bringing you some updated Korean news. The purpose of these cards is to help you stay connected to the Korean culture. I know some of you all do not like hearing about hardcore political news so I will try to balance it out with other genre of South Korean news.

Besos and Blessings up!

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Writer Jessamine aka @amobigbang

Nongshim Prices Rising

If you love South Korean snacks then you are very familiar with this brand. I know I love loading up in their yummy treats from my local Korea store. I found an interesting article from arirang about them raising prices. They are raising their prices will increase by 8%. This is the first price hike they have had since 2014. "Korean food and beverage manufacturer Nongshim is upping the price of its most popular products. The company says prices will increase an average of eight percent on Saturday" (arirang, 2016). The reason is reasonable. The prices of the materials needed to make their products have increased. That is the main reason the company said the prices were going up. However, this is a trend going on with other competitors. "Nongshim's local competitors, like Crown, Lotte, Haetae , have all recently raised the prices of their most popular snacks" (arirang, 2016).

Nongshim Products

Most of these yummy products can be bought at your local Korea store or any grocery store. I was introduced to their ramen from my local grocery store. I love their shrimp crackers too. You can buy these online too! If you want to learn more about the company please check out their website. You can learn about their products in more details. Click here and here!
Here is a quick video from their youtube account on how to prepare their ramen. It is pretty basic, but good for this who are new to cooking.
Have you had Banana Kick? Me and my BFF in college brought bags of it to our Asian History class when we had an Asian-themed potluck because we were too lazy to get actual food hahahaha.