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(I can't believe I'm going to serve a prince/Singer. I was so excited but at the same time I was moving away from my family and friends.) "We'll looks like I'm here it's huge as I expected". (Gathering up all my courage I can I ring the door bell then wait nervously. When the door opens I'm greeted by one of the maids.) You must be Yui I'm Nae come on in I'll show you to your room. (I step in closing the door behind me then follow her to my room.) Go ahead and get unpacked then get dressed and join us for dinner. "Of course". Also your training starts tomorrow so be up early. "Certainly.". (With that I close the door and start unpacking after I was done I change into a dress then head out.) (I follow the smell to the dining room where all the food is set gorgeously out on the table. There was also the prince he sat their waiting.) Oh yui your here earlier than I expected. Sir this is yui the new maid. (I gulp loudly before speaking.) "It's a pleasure to meet you". (He sits their quietly eating before gesturing for me to sit. With that I sit quietly eating small bites of some kimchi the cook laid out. My eyes widened.) "It's so good!" (Finishing the food I was all full so I bid my goodnight then excuse myself from the table going to my room. I lay on my bed when I get a phone call.) Hello Jeonghan. Hey yui how's it going with Joshua? Okay I guess I really need to sleep I have training in the morning. Okay goodnight yui. Night Jeonghan don't stay up late. I won't now get some sleep. Alright bye. (After I hang up I hit my light then go to sleep.) This is my first time posting any of my stories on here so I hope you all like it

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