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Here's the first chapter!!!
"So do you like like him, or just like?", asked Alli, your best friend that came to South Korea with you all the way from America. You've been friends sense 1st grade, and haven't got in a fight once. "Well, it depends, I really don't know yet, its like I have a crush on him but I don't.", you say. "That made no sense whatsoever", Alli said and started to laugh. You laugh with her and then she snorts and you both laugh more. Then the door to the room opens. You couldn't hear because of the laughter. Then you feel something tap you shoulder, and you stop laughing immediately. "Its almost work time, get your friend and go to the Shinee makeup room please, and when your done with their makeup go to the BTS makeup room and do their makeup and then meet me back in the Shinee makeup room.", says your boss. You get Alli and you both head the the Shinee makeup room and you split up the members, you get Key and Taemin, and Alli gets the rest, she's better at doing makeup so you always give her 3 members because you know you can't do 3, but you can handle 2. You start on Taemin and you guys get on a conversation about food because you were both starving! "You know what sounds good?", Taemin asks. "What?", you reply. "Fried Rice", Taemin says. Your mouth starts to water because fried rice does sound really good, REALLY GOOD. You finally finish Taemin's makeup. And then its time for the member you care about the most. Because you have a major crush on him. You start with his makeup and Key starts a conversation about the idols he likes. "Ya, I like EXO, and Red Velvet...", he stopped talking and you look at him and he humming "Dumb Dumb", and then starts to sing. You start to smile, and he opens his eyes to see your smile, as soon as he sees you smile, he puts a big smile on his face. You ask yourself, Why do you like this dork? You really don't know but, you love him. "Do you like anyone?", Key asks you. "Ya, but I'm not saying who.", you respond. "Come on! Just a hint please!! I want to know!", he whines. You shake your head no and he starts to pout and you laugh and tell him that his makeup is done, he walks off and gets his microphone and gets ready to go on stage. You see that Alli is done and you grab her so you guys can go to the BTS makeup room.
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