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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 4 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson & Mark of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Y/N's POV You woke up in the middle of the afternoon hearing the guys downstairs in the kitchen. It seemed like they were trying to occupy their minds from thinking about everything going on with Yoongi. Jackson was again keeping a watchful eye over you while you slept. He was looking at the window, probably concentrating on the boys below you two. "I can't believe you let another vampire claim you." he said now acknowledging you were awake. "The first claim wasn't even a real one he just said I was his and because it was Changkyun no one went against it." you responded. "What was the reason this time? Did he tell you he loved you?" Jackson said annoyed. You narrowed your eyes on him not liking his tone. It wasn't that he was jealous it was that he was annoyed. He was worried about you and you knew it but he always got snippy with you. Wolves often did but you guessed it was karma for how you've treated him in the past. Jackson had a silly personality but he was serious when he had to be and the serious tone he had now clued you in on exactly what he was thinking. "I know you want him dead but the outcome of all this-you're going to die." he said. "I'm okay with that. I've wanted to for a long time. Jackson put yourself in my shoes, if you had done to your father what I did to my brother would you still want to be alive? Every moment is spent feeling hollow and angry at the world. You hate everything and everyone." you responded. "Do you hate me?" Jackson was still looking out the window so he didn't see you visibly relax from your original harsh state. Your voice became softer as you answered truthfully. "You know I love you Jackson you're my best friend. I'm grateful to have someone as loyal as you." He turned around and walked over to the bed. He placed his knee on the bed and he sat down in front of you grabbing your hand and looking worried. "Then promise me you won't die. You need to move carefully think everything through before you make a move. This is the most dangerous mission you've ever had, please Y/N." "You just want me to stick around so I can hunt for you." you said with a smirk. Jackson chuckled a little at the joke, "You mean more to me than just my food catcher. Wolves imprint on people important to them which is why we remain loyal you know. It's like vampires placing a claim on a human but instead of imprinting to show what's our, we imprint to show our loyalty. When we imprint we're saying we'd die for you before you die for us. I imprinted on you a long time ago, you're my best friend I'm willing to die for you but I'd rather live beside you, you know." "I know but seriously, now we have seven kids to take care of you must be ready to jump out of a window by now." you said giving him a small smile. Jackson sighed theatrically and looked at the door, "Namjoon and Jin keeps them in check but Taehyung and Hoseok are still so loud. They've probably woken up Yoongi a few times." "About Yoongi." you interjected. Jackson turned to you, "When's the last time he's eaten? He didn't drink that much of my blood." Jackson shrugged his shoulders but his expression was serious. You sighed and got out of the bed. "You can't go hunting for him." Jackson said. "Yeah well I can't have the boys in the house either. That'll just get messy and it'll only pull me back into a dark place too. Hopefully Wonho will be generous enough to lend me a bottle or two to keep him fed." "What makes you think he'll listen?" "My blood in exchange for his, I think that's a great deal considering what I'll have to let him do to me once he drinks it." you said with a little smirk. Last time went by too fast for you to really enjoy it and no doubt he'd want the taste of your blood on his lips again. Besides you were supposed to drop by the bar to see him anyway. If you didn't leave soon he'd probably come find you. With his claim on you, he could follow your scent anywhere. "You slept with him? That's dirty." "In my defense I was weak." "You wouldn't have been if you had just listened to me." "I'd think you'd be grateful, two more days and me and Yoongi would be feasting on his friends." you said with a little chuckle. Jackson did not look amused. You walked out of your room with him following behind. You two made your way downstairs to see Jungkook and Jimin in the corner, Jungkook looking over Jimin's shoulder to look at his phone. Namjoon and Jin were in the kitchen talking and Hoseok and Taehyung were laughing at something. You clapped your hands to get their attention and they all looked to you. "Alright children let's go, you probably haven't eaten have you guys?" They all shook their heads. "Alright let's go then Jackson's paying." "What?" Jackson said. You smiled at him and held out your hand. He grumbled and gave you money anyway. You wrapped your arm around his neck and kissed his cheek thanking him and head to the door. The boys all looked at you curiously. You sighed, "Look I'm not trying to hurt any of you. Jackson will look after Yoongi we're just going to get some food. You guys really need to get out of the house right now though." Namjoon looked at Jackson and Jackson nodded. "Let's go you guys, free food." Namjoon said kind of bland. "Oh I know a great place we can eat." Jin said trying to lighten the mood. "Then you can lead." you said. The boys walked over to the door, all grabbing their shoes and heading out one by one. You took one last look at Jackson, you had a few hours before the sun went down. Yoongi was probably already awake though. Namjoon was the last one out and you watched in amusement as Taehyung jumped on Jungkook's back and Jimin laughed. Jin lead the way with Hoseok marching beside him cracking jokes and acting silly. You couldn't help but chuckle, each of them reminded you of the family you lost. "You're really luck you know that." You said to Namjoon. You looked to him for a second and he looked at you curiously. "What do you mean?" he asked. "These boys-I've spent less than forty-eight hours with you and in just a few minutes I can see how much you all love each other. For you guys to still support Yoongi, knowing the reality of his situation-" "Yoongi is still Yoongi, he's only a monster when he gives in." "Do you understand how hard it is not to give in? If Yoongi gets hungry his new nature will force him to feed to survive. It happens to humans too but with Vampires it's at a higher degree. It's hard to stop even when you're full; you just...keep drinking. If Yoongi killed someone without intending to would you still be there for him? Even if you didn't know he didn't mean to." You looked at him seriously. In all honesty, Jackson was all you had. He meant much more to you than you let him know, he was family. However, even the sense of family had become a bit foreign to you it had been two hundred years since you'd had one. This question was important to you for that reason, if Namjoon could love Yoongi as a brother even when he'd lost himself; did that mean your family was capable of the same thing? "I can't condone it, killing is killing but he's still my brother. I'd love him even if he killed me." he responded. It stopped you in your tracks and Namjoon looked back at you. You looked at him completely shocked and that for some reason made him give you a small smile. He waved you along, "Come on, when Jin gets like this he tends to leave us behind if we don't keep up." You placed your hands in your pocket and caught up to him. You didn't say much after that, you continued by Namjoon's side soaking up the sun. Yoongi would probably miss this. Walking around with his friends in the day light, despite him being a baby, it seemed he could control his appetite well around them. Six human beings with beating pulses and warm blood just as inviting to you as it was to him and he could could control himself that well. He had amazing will power and his love for them must've been strong. You guys got seated at a buffet and started to eat, each of the boys entertaining each other in their own separate conversations. You kept to yourself zoning in on specific conversations. It seemed because you drank so much blood at Wonho's place that you had lacked an appetite for human food. So you mostly sat there; you happened to glance out the window when you saw Hoseok talking to a girl. He was charming her with his smile and you could see his eyes flicker blue. By some odd reflex, you growled lowly. Namjoon noticed and you kept your mouth shut until you could control yourself enough to get your fangs to go back in. You looked down and closed your eyes to keep the possibility of your purple eyes showing down. You were calm in an instant as Namjoon's deep voice called to ask if you were alright. "I'm fine, I just need to go outside for a second." you said Jimin, Hoseok, Jin and Taehyung scooted out of the booth to let you out. You made your way outside and carefully over to where Hoseok was standing. Your scent was more prominent now because you didn't have anything covering it up. He immediately looked to you and smiled, he told the girl he was entertaining to leave him and she did. "So you can withstand the sunlight without a charm." he said. "I told you I'm not one of you and I'm not one of them either." You said. "No, you're so much better." He walked up to you, his hand caressing your neck and his mouth moving into the empty space on the other side. You'd be lying if you said you didn't want him to kiss you. Something about him had you losing your mind. Mark said he was a ladies man, that had been proven by how well he had glamoured that girl into leaving without even looking at her. His lips touched the area he'd bitten last night to claim you as his own. You placed your hands on his chest and firmly pushed him off you. He chuckled, the tip of his tongue grazing the top of his teeth in a smile. He really was beautiful. "I have a favor to ask you." you said seriously. He raised an eyebrow, "That's bold, especially after you just pushed me away. I was so enjoying the smell of you." "You may have claimed me but that doesn't automatically make me yours. It's just two simple favors and I'll give you what you want." "First tell who are those men you're with?" "They're friends of a friend. They're actually the reason for the favor. One was turned into a vampire and even though he can control his thirst around them he's getting hungry and I can't hunt for him." "Yeah based off your performance last night I can tell. So let me guess you want to borrow my blood to keep him full so he doesn't kill his friends." You simply nodded. He looked at you through narrowed eyes, the small smirk getting bigger. You looked more annoyed, "You make it seem like you care, that's odd considering I don't take you for the type to actually give a shit." "You don't know me." He nodded at that seeing that you had a point. "Alright fine I'll lend you some, what was your other favor?" "Can you make one of those charms for him?" You asked regretfully. You knew this was a long shot but you kind of wanted to see if you could get it. It would at the very least give Yoongi a bit of his life back. You honestly couldn't say why you were doing this. It was much simpler to not give a shit about anyone else but yourself and Jackson. You just had this overwhelming sense that it would make Namjoon and the others happy. Seeing them have his back even when he attacked you, knowing they were scared but the fact that they also wanted to help... You just didn't know but you wanted to help as much as you could. You hadn't felt like that in a while. Wonho looked you up and down curiously. He placed one hand in his pocket and the other to his chin. He looked to be in deep thought before he started to smile. "Fine I'll make him something, on two conditions." he spoke with his charming smile. You were happy he agreed but also nervous about the condition he was about to name off. You saw it coming though. "My maker needs to see that you're useful otherwise... He might do something-" "He might kill me?" you finished for him. "Yes." "He can try." you retorted with a smart smile. That was all the confirmation you needed to know that Changkyun had turned him. You recalled that he and been turned without a choice. You could tell he was a bit nervous about Changkyun and you two meeting up but you believed it had more to do with the fact that his last claim, Mark's sister, was killed for being a Hunter. If you were going to get to Changkyun what better way then to make him trust you. He'd probably lose his mind once he saw you again though. He was probably always on the move looking for half life's, people that also had the same scent as you. "Well if not him then the queen will." Wonho said. Ah the Queen of Vampires. Her name was unknown, at least her true name, so she went by Miso. She was royally just a bitch. She was put in charge of a certain half of the vampires and they were all loyal to her for the simple fact that they just didn't want to die. At least if Changkyun killed you it was quick and not too much pain was felt. Changkyun didn't really have time to watch lingering deaths, Miso however, loved to watch her victims suffer. "The Queen is in control over vampires not me." "You're gutsy but even you're not that good." "So he thinks." you said giving him a smirk and circling around to his other side. "What's the two conditions?" you pushed him to continue on the same subject. "I want you to capture someone for me. A vampire that's been giving our businesses a bit of run. There's a tip that he's here in Seoul but if he sees any of my men coming he'll go into hiding and we won't be able to get him." "So you want me to get him for you. That's fine, if I come for him he won't see it coming." "I'll give you the details when you come to the bar, finish up with your 'friend's' friends and we can discuss it more in detail." The way he emphasized friend's made it sound like he knew you were starting to give a shit about them and he knew you were trying to fake like you didn't. You just nodded and then said, "Am I still expected to meet your friends?" "Yes. They're excited to see you." "What's your second condition?" "I get my dinner from you sweet veins tonight." he smiled. You knew that was coming, his charming smile made you smile back even though you didn't want to. You held your hand out to shake it and he shook his head and wrapped his hand around your head and pulled you into a heated kiss. Anyone walking by would probably give you disapproving looks at how sensual your PDA was but his lips were too good against yours. He pulled back to your dismay leaving you biting your own lip in desire. "Your eyes are glowing, you want me." He chuckled. "I'll see you later." You turned around looking at the ground till you knew you were okay to look up at the boys in the window. Namjoon was looking at you intensely probably wondering why you were talking to Wonho. He probably didn't know him but then again Mark may have told him about how Hoseok just watched as his sister died. You weren't nervous in the least that you'd end up the same way but you wondered why he just let Changkyun kill her. Surely he would know if his girlfriend was a Hunter or not so why didn't he convince Changkyun she wasn't? You made it a mental note to ask him later. Once you got back into the restaurant Namjoon and the others were getting out of their seats. You had thrown down the money to pay for everything and to leave a tip for the waitress that got your drinks for you. You all walked out, this time you and Namjoon leading the group back to the house. Jackson by now had probably wrangled with Yoongi, you didn't want to go back to Wonho's place with the guys with you. The sun was setting soon but it was still dangerous for Yoongi to come out so you still had time before he could come out of his room. As you were walking, Wonho appeared before you in a flash. You stepped back a little shocked and placed a hand before Namjoon unconsciously to keep him behind you. Wonho smiled as the guys behind you finally settled down from their scare. He had a bag in his hand and you could see through the thin fabric that there were multiple bottles of blood. He stretched out his hand to you and said, "For your friend." he said. "This is more than I needed." You said taking the bag. "It's not all for him. Take care of yourself Monbebe, I look forward to seeing you tonight." He smiled as he walked up to you brushing his hand across your cheek. He kissed the other cheek before he placed something in your hand. He whispered, "I hope your friend has an ear piercing." With that, he gave you and the guys a bow before he zipped off again. You looked at the earring in your hand it looked simple enough, you were just hoping it would work. "He got those for Yoongi?" Jimin asked. "Yes." you answered plainly. "Why?" Namjoon asked. "We made a deal, he gives me blood to feed Yoongi so he won't accidentally kill you boys or anyone else for that matter and I go hunting for him." "Does he know who you are?" Jin asked. "I am Y/N that is who I am." you said. You ushered them back to the house and quickly put the other bottles of blood in your room. You brought out two bottles for Yoongi and headed to his room. The guys stayed downstairs at your request and Jackson stayed by the door as a guard. You walked in with the blood and Yoongi was out of his coffin, a small sliver of sunlight was poking through his window and he was bunched in the corner to keep from getting hit by it. "You need to eat." You said. "I'll be fine." "Yes, once you eat but I'd rather you not attack me again so drink." You said walking over to him. Yoongi tried to close his nose so he couldn't smell you and lose himself again. You opened the bottle of blood and walked over pressing it to his lips. You could see he didn't want to drink but when the taste of the blood hit his lips he couldn't help it. He took the bottle from you drinking quickly. You watched him, the way he behaved was how you had when you tasted blood again. Keeping yourselves from drinking blood didn't help you two it only made it worse. If you two trained yourselves to drink and learn how to stop, bottled blood wouldn't be what either of you needed. You two wouldn't have to worry about whether or not you'd kill innocent people. You slipped the earring into his ear while he was distracted with the second bottle, drinking it slowly this time to savor the flavor. He licked his lips looking at you in what seemed like a moment of ecstasy. He was drunk by now and it was kind of funny to you. "What did you just put in my ear?" he asked. "It's a charm, this way you and the boys can go walk around in the day time like normal." "Are you serious?" he said almost excited. "Yeah so just don't take it out okay." "Why are you doing all of this?" "-because not all Vampires are turned by their own choice. You have a family that wants to support you I guess I can understand that." "So you're not that much of bitch after all." he said gently. "No I'm definitely a bitch but you'll learn to love me along the way. Don't eat your friends while I'm gone." You said standing up and walking towards the door. "You're one of us too, how come you don't need to drink blood and you can walk in the sunlight without a charm?" You stopped in your tracks and looked back at him, "Your eyes turned purple when I was drinking." he answered, your silent question of how he knew. "Why do you smell like a human?" he asked You sighed, "Changkyun was the one to kill my family, I was born human but my father was a vampire so when Changkyun killed me and-" Your hand touched your stomach for a second and then you continued, "He didn't completely kill me, so the vampire genes in me woke up and I drank blood to survive. I'm a half life, I'm not human and I'm not Vampire but at the same time I'm both. So I have to eat both human food and blood to stay completely strong but I prefer to not drink blood if I can avoid it." you explained. He blinked at you soaking in what you said. He just nodded and you turned to walk out of the room. You made sure to tell him not to mention it to the boys before you closed the door. Now it was time to go hunting.......
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