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I like his style.
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@lovemilkis hmm.. I dunno Jayz is not as flashy as them two but I wouldn't put them above him! what do you think of Pharrell's style?
@minjaeturtles If were talking about style still ASVP and kanye. if you're talking about looking good to the most people, jay and pharrell would be above them. (maybe not kanye though)
@lovemilkis interesting..what's your definition of style? to me, it's what looks good to me (although that could be many different things)
@minjaeturtles I think looking good is just that, looking good. Their style is way less inoffensive and is accepted by most. What style is to me is playing around with what you have and exploring. Obviously I can't speak for everyone but that's my opinion haha.
@lovemilkis i see! thanks for clarification!