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Forty-Fifth Group: Year 7 Class 1
Debuted: January 24th, 2014
Latest Comeback: November 3rd, 2015
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Members: (7)
Name: Baek Se Hee
Stage Name: Sehee
Position: Class President
She is the Leader and a vocalist.
She was born in 1991.
Fun Fact: Previously in the group Swincle as Jisoo.
Name: Kang Min Ju
Stage Name: Minju
Position: Class Vice-President
She is a vocalist.
She was born in 1992.
Name: Shin Yi Rang (Sometimes spelled Eerang)
Stage Name: Yirang
Position: Class Mood Maker
She is a vocalist.
She was born in 1993.
Name: Kwon So Jung
Stage Name: Sojung
Position: Class Athletics Captain
She is a vocalist.
She was born in 1994.
Name: Han Bit Na
Stage Name: Bitna
Position: Class Cheerleader
She is a vocalist.
She was born in 1996.
Name: Yoo Hwa
Stage Name: Yoohwa
Position: Class Bread Shuttle
She is a vocalist.
She was born in 1997.
Name: Go Eun Shil
Stage Name: Eunshil
Position: Class Beauty Captain
She is the Maknae and a vocalist.
She was born in 1999.
Do you know Year 7 Class 1?
Which song of their's is your favorite?
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I'll explore them more in the morning... thanks... this is a new one for me
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@RobertMarsh No problem! I hope you enjoy them!
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Oooh, they look cute. Haven't heard of them before. Gomawo
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@IsoldaPazo You're welcome!
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