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this is the 3rd and last list of my favorite.
Generation one. is no other then charizard. I always love him as a child and still do. Not to mention I love how he looks in his shiny form and the his/ her mega form.
Gerneration 2 is Typhlosion. He is my top pokemon and main pokemon in all my teams. plus he is super cute in all his forms.
Generation 3 is Mudkip. This pokemon is so cute. I don't even let him evolved because he to cute in his frist evolution.
Generation 4 is Piplup. Now this pokemon is my favorite because one piplup is a penguin. and penguins are one of my favorite animal and two piplup is just as cute.
Generation 5 is just like I said is Oshawott. Who wouldnt love this cute little guy.
Generation 6 is Fennekin the fire Fox. I love him because he is one of my favorite animal but I really don't like the last evolution. I wish they kept him the way he was or something else but it is the way it is.
Generation 7. i know the game is not out yet but I already know which I starter I want a d that is Rowelt the owl. even though I do t know how his play through is I want him because he is cute and is and owl.
and that is all my favorite pokemon in the pokemon world. Like I said I had lots of other pokemon I like but these pokemon that I have put into list are my all time favorite. thanks for taking a look and sticking with me for the last three list. Unless you want me to make more then I will. But for know this is it. See you guys again.
@animerg13 I AM THE EXACT SAME
@animerg13 lol I'm a mix in between fire and water.
I always pick water type starters. I love water... This may be one of the reasons why people think I am a female Haru...
Charizard or Pikachu
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