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Hey everyone!!
Sorry this is another late card!
I have actually been writing a BTS fan fic and I was completely sucked into it. I'm still writing it. I really love writing the story. If you want to check it out click here
So as I said earlier I am going to be combining the last few products I use in my routine.
You don't have to use or follow these steps in order that I have posted on here but the product I have talked about are a great place to start if you are just getting into the Korean Skin Care.
Let's get started
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Feel free to ask me questions about anything but my answers will mostly be experience/opinion based, I AM NOT A DERMATOLOGIST :P
My 언니 @MichalJamerson will also make comments and she is also a great resource :)
Also just an FYI, my skin type is very very sensitive that leans more toward the dry side.
Now let's get started! ヾ(。・ω・)シ
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Eye cream is typically the next step.
All eye creams a different and do different things for you.
The two I have tried were primarily for wrinkles, bags, and dark circles. Both of them doing a fantastic job as what they are suppose to do.
One of the eye creams is almost like a sleeping eye back because it is VERY heavy. I can't wear it during the day because I can't put my makeup on lol. So I have a light eye cream I use for during the day.
Eye creams are different in how you apply them so be sure to read the instructions and do avoid getting it in your eye. It's really painful. If you do get it in your eye just rinse it out :)
My everyday eye cream is by Body Merry.
No lie this product worked over night. It's super light weight, not oily and it works wonders! I was really shocked at how well it worked actually. I honestly didn't believe how well it was working for me. It also doesn't take a lot of eye cream so it has lasted me a long time. Everyone was saying it would only last about 6 months, but here I am... nearly 9 months later with a lot of eye cream left. I also don't just apply this under my eyes, I apply the eye creams all over my eye.
I really really like this eye cream and it is pretty cheap too.
If you are interested in using this click here
Because I am such a huge fan of Nature Republic I decided to try out an eye cream of theirs.
I'm using this one and I really love it. This is a very heavy eye cream so I actually just use it as more of a night pack every night. A little goes a long way with this eye cream as well.
This eye cream does really well with making my eyes look youthful and full. I don't have tired bags under my eyes and the dark circles are also gone. Of course I've been using and still use the other eye cream during the day but the main difference I have seen between this one and the other is the my eyes look youthful.
This eye cream is really amazing and I am really glad I bought it. However it is on the more expensive side.
If you are interested in buying it click here
After eye creams every night I use a sleeping pack of some kind. As I mentioned the product earlier (which you can access the card by clicking here) I use the Nature Republic Aloe Gel as a sleeping pack. Especially with it being summer, my skin is taking some damage by the sun and I feel as if this is a great way to help heal my skin.
I use a actual sleeping mask about 2 to 3 times a week. Most of them when you put them on you wait about 20 minutes for it to dry/soak into your skin and then you go to bed. When you wake up you would typically wipe your face clean with a cleansing tissue :)
This mask here. It's amazing. Hands down. Best thing ever.
I decided to give it a try one day and imported it from Korea. Tried it and my skin was SO incredibly soft. I have never had such soft skin before it was amazing. If you suffer from dry skin, this will be your best friend.
At the Korean beauty store near my house where I buy a lot of stuff she kept telling me about this product. When I told her I already had it she gave me a high five because apparently it is also her favorite thing. We talked about it for forever.
This is an over night sleeping mask and it really does work wonders. I have even noticed that it helped to clear up breakouts that I was having. It's amazing!
You should totally buy this.
Typically laneige product you can buy at Target but this on I don't think you can. You can get it on amazon though by clicking here
The last sleeping mask that I have used is by Tonymoly.
Tonymoly makes really good products for an affordable price. This sleeping pack is very creamy and thick. It works great for moisture and is suppose to be an anti-aging. I didn't notice as much of a difference as I did when using the Laneige product but this is a great mask for those off days when you aren't needing as much moisture :)
If you are interested in getting it click here
The last product/step I want to talk about is sunscreen.
We all know what sunscreen does but a lot of us ignore it's importance. The sun is very damaging to your skin and it is important to wear sunscreen. I wear sunscreen every day even if it is raining. Just because you can't see the sun doesn't mean it's harmful rays aren't there.
You can really use what ever sunscreen you feel works best but I will talk about the one I am currently using and it works amazing.
If you decide to get Korean sunscreen be sure to look into the product. Some of them have a white cast quality to it along with other qualities that would make a difference in the way your skin looks.
The above Etude House sunscreen is what I am currently using.
I really put this product to the test when I was in LA in the sun pretty much all hours of the day for 5 days.
I never got sunburnt and I didn't really tan either.
Some of you may want that sun kissed skin. Me however love my white pale skin so it doesn't bother me that I'm still white as a ghost. #lovetheskinyourin
This product does have a white cast quality to it so when you use it , it does leave a slight residue. I don't mind because I think it helps keep my skin tone even and it isn't enough to really notice.
It also doesn't smell like sunscreen which makes me really happy. Sunscreen usually has a terrible smell but this one has little to no smell and the smell it has is a bit minty.
This bottle is a LOT smaller than I was expecting it to be. It is about the size of a foundation bottle of makeup. Pretty small. Though a little goes a long way.
If you would like to try this product click here :)
As a reminder I will be posting cards every now and then about the different products I have been trying. I have a few different sheet masks I have to write cards about so be on the look out for those! :)
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My favorite sunscreen is innisfree Eco safety daily sunblocks spf 35 & corsx aloe soothing sunscreen. Those two sunscreens doesn't leave a white cast on my face. My skin tone is natural beige. I recommend people who are new to sunscreen buy innisfree eco safety daily sunblock. You'll like this product😊