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Name: Maeng Han Joon
Stage Name: M.Joon
He was born in 1990.
Debuted: January 14th, 2015
Latest Comeback: July 6th, 2015
Fun Facts:
He's formerly of the group Touch under the name Hanjoon.
He is in a dance crew called, Just Jerk Crew.
He often does cover's of songs and they are amazing!
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Name: Kim Yoon Ji/Christine Kim
Stage Name: NS Yoon G
She was born in 1988.
Debuted: September 24th, 2009
Latest Comeback: June 28th, 2015
Fun Facts:
She lived in California, United States during her fourth year of elementary school and stayed for some time.
She is cousin's with Kara's member, Jiyoung.
To further support NS Yoon G subscribe to her company's YouTube channel here.
Do you know M.Joon or NS Yoon G?
Which M.Joon/NS Yoon G song is your favorite?
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I actually knew M.Joon as a dancer first. Just Jerk is one of my favorite dance crews, and I knew he was in there but it wasn't until a while later that I found out he was a singer. But he's so incredibly talented in both singing and dancing. 😁
NS Yoon G is a goddess! I love her music!