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You guys slept until very late since it's Saturday. You were on the sofa with Jimin, sleeping on each end. He had his legs bent and yours were on top of his.  You opened your eyes, your biological clock yelling for you to wake up and realized you don't have school today.  You sat up groggily, still wanting to sleep. You moved over to Jimin, climbing on top of him and just laid their, position changing always makes you fall asleep for some odd reason.  Feeling a new weight on his body, the boy opened his eyes to look before he saw your cheek pressing flatly against his chest, fast asleep.  He sniffed a little before trying to pull the thin blanket from your side over to him by using his feet.  He took a hold of the blanket and draped it over your back. Placing one hand on your back, he went back to sleep.  "It's over twelve o' clock, wake up you lazy asses!" Jin said, hitting the kitchen utensils against each other.  You made a whining sound before sitting up, rubbing your eyes. "Good morning." "Morning Meena, go wash up!"  You listened and got off the sofa, making your way to the bathroom.  You stood on the tip of your toes, grabbing the cup and the extra toothbrush they provided you before you started to brush your teeth, lazily standing in front of the sink.  Taehyung hovered over you to wash himself up, also looking very tired-probably from yesterday.  You yawned after washing your face and walked out of the bathroom. The homework's were still sitting on table from yesterday night, you must've fallen asleep while doing so.  "Ah, i still haven't finished this yet." you groaned as you sat down on the chair in front of your work book.  Hoseok chuckled, "now that you talk about it, i kind of wondered what happened to our school."  "Nothing happened. It's still a school." Namjoon shrugged, "Why? Curious?"  Hoseok shrugged. He wasn't entirely engaged in the thought but he was a little curious about school, not enough to make him go back though. You looked between with pursed lips, a frown on your f ace. Hearing someone saying they don't need to worry about school works while you're here working your ass off just because of a stupied paper wasn't very pleasant.  "Maybe you guys can go back to school again." you suggested. It wasn't a suggestion you blurt out because you didn't want to be the only one working but you actually want them to go back to school. Teachers and friends are one way to make things better and maybe if they go back to school, they might just be able to live without a too-little-space flat and very little food.  They looked at you and laughed together. That was by far the most ridiculous thing you have ever said to them and let's consider the fact that sometimes the things you say son't make sense. You gave them a questioning look before asking. "What's so funny about it? I think that's a great idea!"  "Did you guys do anything bad to them?" you asked. Taehyung sucked the in a breath, his eyes rolled up and his lips tucked down to think. That was a good question, did they? They didn't they never did. They simply left the school and never went back  to attend lessons. They had done nothing to harm people in their school.  You noticed their silence and smiled, "You guys didn't right? Then what makes you think they hate you?"  "What we've done to other people? All the news about us?" Taehyung said, raising his eyebrow.  "You won't know if you don't go and see it yourself right?" you said. "People t end to don't care about things that doesn't involve them, so they might not really care about what you guys have done too, as long as it doesn't concern them. That's what appa told me."  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They didn't know what happened, but they ended up shoppping for school supplies by using your (father's) card money. The cashier were a little stunned but they figures the district gangsters were finally getting a life and going back to school to learn.  After that, you guys went to a nearby park, stopped there and rested for a bit. You were sitting on Taehyung's shoulder as he ran after Jimin who giggled and left his current hiding spot. He finally agreed to play the princess game with you, only this time though.  "Yah! Jeon Jungkook come over here and be my guard!" Jimin yelled, Looking up from his phone, Jungkook rolled his eyes and ignored his hyung. Jimin cursed his dongsaeng under his breath before running over and knocking the back of his head.  Jungkook looked up immediately and put his phone in his pocket. He got up and sprinted towards Jimin, quickly catching up with him. Jungkook tackled Jimin to the floor and playfully hit him. Their laugh rang though the park, some children looked over and approached those two, thinking they're playing an interesting games.  Taehyung got you off his shoulder and was holding you by your legs instead. The others walked over to you two as they watched Jungkook and Jimin interacted with other kids who decided to come over because they think those two were playing an interesting game.  "Woah, what happened to emo Jungkook?" Hoseok jokingly asked.  "Gone and was replaced by bunny Jungkook, am i right?" Namjoon said between laughs.  "Taehyung put me down." you muttered as you pointed towards the laughing kids. "I want to play with them too."  "Sure princess." Taehyung nodded and gently placed you on the ground. You ran over to the kids and joined them.  "Jungkook changed." Jin stated, nodding as he observed the scene in front of him. Normally, if this happens, Jungkook would probably shoo the kids away or ignore them entirely. He wasn't now, instead he was playing along with the little ones, a bright smile on his face.  Their gazes unconsciously shifted to you. All that bad happened after you came along, all the emotion they haven't felt in a long time came flowing back, sad, warm, happy..... Smiling as you helped a girl who fell down, picking her up and helping her dust her dress. You caught their gazes so you beamed, waving back with a smile people have on when they finally got what they want after all the hard work.  "Who said we're going to send her away when her parents called?" "I don't know, perhaps you Yoongi-hyung?" Hoseok said, huffing a little. Yoongi scrunched up his nose.  "Right. 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Aw they're getting attached 😍
@HayleyYates of course they would they've been together for quiet some time now