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Hello! Welcome to the next chapter of Unexpected Happiness. Thank you too much for all the support and for all the feed back! A line from @Sailyn 's Foreign Flower I really liked and thought was hilarious was when the members tease each other when they get skin ship with the 'sexual harassment' line. I incorporated it into the story so just know i didnt think of that genius line. Ms. @Sailyn did XD.
Incase you are just joining us, start from the beginning so everything makes more sense:
If you missed the last chapter, I gotchu' :


Melody was from California and had moved to Seoul about 3 years ago. In those three years she had stayed inside escaping reality. She is sweet, caring, smart, but shy when it comes to certain people. If someone gave off a certain vibe she would get nervous and her shyness would come out. One day a group moves in next door. Seven handsome men. Little did she know they would be the reason she finds more happiness than ever and maybe even love!

Chapter 3

Previously On Unexpected Happiness:
I nodded and continued to wipe his cheek. Suddenly the door started creaking open and I leaned forward looking to the side to see what it was. The lights all went out and only the sound of my small squeal was heard within the empty halls. I lost my balance and felt Taehyungs hands grab my waist. I put my hands out on the sides of what I think was his face. Finally the lights came back on. As my eyes adjusted to the lights I was on top of him and he had his hands on my waist. Our faces only inches apart.
Thank goodness no one had walked in-
"hey guys are you okay- OH MAN HOLY SHIT !"
"Did we interrupt something?"
We looked at the door to see a frightened and red faced Jungkook and a smirking Jimin. For some reason we still hadnt moved out of the way we were. We stayed there shocked.
"You alright-oh my-"
Then running behind them came a concerned Namjoon. Once he saw us his face fell.
(Narrator Prov.)
Melody and Taehyung kept looking at the group. Melody quickly snapped back into reality and stood up looking down at her feet hiding her burning cheeks.
Taehyung finally broke the silence. "It was nothing. She was wiping my face and then when the lights went out she fell over and thats when you guys walked in. Nothing more nothing less." Namjoon unconsciously let out a sigh of relief but at the same time it bothered him that they were that close. "Y-Yeah." Melody mumbled. "Mhm okay lets go kookie." Jimin said leaving with a slight smirk before looking at Taehyung and giving him a thumbs up. Jungkook was frozen in the same position but his feet moved in fast small movements exiting by getting pulled by the arm. Namjoon nodded. "Melody, if anything happens or he tries something yell for me and i'll be here in a heart beat. Got it?"
Melody smiled at his protectiveness and nodded. Namjoon winked at her as he slowly backed out of the room. He turned the hallway light off but kept Taehyung's door slightly open.
"Ahem...so..." Melody said awkwardly.
"Ah come on don't be so tense! It was on accident! Shake it off, laugh and carry on." Melody? looked at him shocked at how quickly he got over what just happened. But she shook her head as his words settled. It did make sense to do that and it was an accident.
"Okay, do you want me to finish up?" She asked. "What?" Taehyung said not really knowing what she implied. She walked over and sat infront of him. She sat in criss cross applesauce (lol idk the actual name XD)but used her arms to start moving forward as if she was crawling. Melody got closer and closer to him and Taehyung just stared at her as he started leaning backwards. "W-what are y-you doing??" He said with urgency and confusion in his voice. Melody was really close to him but turned last minute to grab the towel that was on the night stand.
"Im just getting the towel. Haha what did you think i was doing? ^^" Melody responded innocently. Taehyung sat there as he was mentally face palming himself for over thinking when he just told her to not to. "Oh hehe..." "Why what did you think I was doing?" She said turning her head to the side in confusion.
Taehyung was trying to stop himself from blushing but she looked so cute. "Oh! Your turning red are you okay?" Melody scooted closer to him putting her hand on his forehead and his cheek. "You don't seem warm.... are you feeling okay???"
"Y-yeah I-Im fine ahem..."
"Oh okay!"
She scooted back into her sitting position. She had then realized that she had the water on her lap the first time. And when she got scared it wet Taehyung and some of his bed sheets. She looked up a bit and saw that his shirt and part of his pants. "Oh my goodness I just realized the water spilled Im so sorry!" She said. She looked at him and saw that the shirt had become slightly translucent and his the faint outline of his abs were starting to show through. "And the sheets....." She said trailing off seeing that she would be cold that night because what she was gonna use was now all wet. "Don't worry I have one extra blanket in my closet!" He said trying to make her feel better. Melody gave him a half hearted smile. After getting the kiss marks off of him they were really tired. "There aren't any sheets for either of us to sleep on the floor so is it okay for both of us to sleep on the bed?"
Melody became flustered by the idea
<<Me? and Tae? Alone? One bed???>>
"Relax ill put a pillow between us." Melody nodded and laid down. Once the lights were off. There was silence in the room as she started to drift off into sleep. As Melody was drifting to sleep she felt arms around her and her back press up on something warm. "What are you doing?"
"Im cold and we only have one blanket so...." Taehyung just came up with the excuse to be closer to her. At first he forgot she was there and she was a pillow but once he had his arm around her it felt natural. It was like a shock of electricity shoot through his body.
"O-Okay..." And like that they fell asleep.
Taehyung was the first to wake up. The first thing he noticed was that Melody had turned over and now she was nuzzling her head into his chest, wrapping her hands over him hugging him close. He smiled and scooted down so that they were now face to face. The curtains were closed so the room was only slightly lit by the small light that escaped through the cracks. He observed her and traced her features with his finger. She gave out a small moan at how it felt, from how relaxing it was. Taehyung giggled a bit but continued on. He cupped her face in his palm and used his thumb to trace her nose and her lips.
He did this for a while. It was then Melody started to move around and scrunch her face. Her eyes were slowly starting to open. Taehyung panicked and closed his eyes working his acting skills, but she opened her eyes to fast for him to retract his hand. Her eyes fluttered and she looked at Taehyung then she started blushing. His hair just perfectly fell over his face naturally, making him look classy yet messy at the same time. It worked for him. And it worked REALLY well. She wanted to get up yet something kept her there. She was just frozen on the spot. She looked at his face from up close. She lifted her hand to Taehyngs hand which still laid on her cheek. She started to slowly move it off her face. She couldnt take it anymore and the butterflies in her stomach kept getting wilder and wilder.
"What are you doing?" Taehyung finally spoke. He opened the eye next to the pillow. She dropped his hand but it slightly brushed her chest before he got control of it to retract it. "N-nothing... I just woke up and it was there..."
"Then why didnt you move it once you woke up?"
Melody blushed even more and started to scoot away "Ahem...im gonna go um.. Hm is that pancakes i smell?" She said trying her best to get out of the situation. He grabbed her wrist pulling her back hugging her. "Dont worry im just teasing." Melody reluctantly patted his back and then pushed him back because once again those darn butterflies in her stomach kept bothering her. "O-Okay, um but still I smell pancakes so...." she said as she separated them. "Im gonna go see whats up..." Before Taehyung could grab her again she walked as fast as possible to the door.
She walked into the kitchen after calming herself down. There stood a shirtless Jin. His muscles on his back were prominent as he whipped another batch of pancake mix. Jin's broad shoulders flexed when he reached for things. He turned to get something but once he saw Melody he froze and he started to blush. "haha...i totally forgot we had a guest." He said awkwardly scratching the back of his neck "Sorry..." Melody looked down and cleared her throat trying to focus on him and not his abs. "I-its alright."
"If it bothers you i can go put a shirt on-"
"No its okay. Your like my brother! I was just...shocked thats all."
Jin sighed in relief. HE thought he had scared her away and she wouldnt be comfortable with him anymore. Leading to the end of their friendship and then years later they meet once again to find she hates him and never wants to ever see him again..... nah It was just Jin over thinking... a bit.. okay okay a lot...
He smiled and then went back to cooking. Melody offered to help and Jin gladly accepted it.
Right after Melody had left the room Taehyung flopped onto his back staring at the ceiling. << Was that a bit too much? Oh but i cant help it! She makes it so easy to tease her and the way she blushes at everything is adorable. >> He sat up with a sigh and he walked out of the room. It wasnt to go follow Melody but to visit the flirt master. The one who always seems to have his way with the ladies. And that person was..... Jimin
When Taehyung opened the door Jungkook was on the bed covered by blankets. Taehyung could only see his messy hair sticking out from the top. The lights were slightly dimmed and only one blind was open casting a mysterious loom over the room. He stepped in further and saw Jimin facing away from him in a computer chair. "Well, well well. Look who we have here." He said dramatically slowly turning in his chair and he was petting a stuffed animal with a cheesy evil smirk. "What do you need? Let me guess advice? Maybe on I dont know...Melody?" Taehyung stood there in awe. "H-how did you know?" Jimin laughed evilly still in character. "I have my ways MUAHAHAHA" Then Jungkook interrupted still under the covers and not moving a bit. "You were talking out loud and Jimin passed by and heard you. He just ran in here like 2 minutes before you got here and set everything up." Jimin looked at Jungkook throwing the stuffed animal at him. "JUNG KOOK!"
"Yah, i just want some more sleep and the quicker this goes the closer i am to achieving that."
"Yah? YAH? Im your hyun-"
"Ahem.." interrupted Taehyung awkwardly. Jimin fixed his collar. "So anyways what exactly do you want to know?"Taehyung explained what had happened that morning and the night before to Jimin. When he finished a grinch like smirk/smile crept onto his face. "Shes definitely into you." Taehyung blushed at his words. "W-what?" Jungkook piped up from the background but this time he sat upright with the blanket wrapped around him. "Hyung, its so obvious! The excessive blushing, the stuttering, the hand thingy! How could you be so blind?" Taehyung took in the maknae's words. As they all sank in a smile creeped onto his face. They talked for a bit more. After awhile Taehyung got up and exited the room. As he opened the door he was greeted by Namjoon. He said good morning and the hyung returned the gesture. But little did they know he was standing there the whole time. He heard every word. And his suspicions were true. And he was pissed. But was he gonna show it? I mean he would try but who knows if it would convince anyone! They had lived together for three years and if something was off it was destined for someone to notice.
Back in the kitchen there was Melody and Jin standing next to each other mixing batter. Melody pushed Jin a bit making Jin stumble slightly. "Im gonna beat you!"
"In your dreams!" Jin said whisking even faster. Melody took some batter onto her finger and put it on Jin's cheek. Jin turned to her with his mouth hanging open. Melody held her finger up as she giggled at his reaction. "You.DId NOT.Just do that.." He said giggling in between some words. "Maybe I did maybe I didnt!" she said trying to pull any aegyo she could. "Oh its on!" With that Jin's childish side came out. He grabbed Melody as she tried to escape, back hugging her. She squirmed as she laughed, trying to escape whatever he was planning to do. Jin grabbed some pancake mix and put it on her nose and a stripe on her cheek. They kept laughing. Taehyung walked in and saw only the part where Jin was shirtless and had an arm around Melody's waist, her back pressed against his chest. They were a little too close for Taehyung's liking.
"Hyung! Thats sexual harassment!"
They stopped laughing and separated once they saw Taehyung. Taehyung was trying to hide his anger and jealousy with a smile and a laugh. But Jin was first to notice how tense he was. "Melody why dont you go wash your face. Taehyung can you show her where the stuff is?" Jin had a feeling that Taehyung liked her. He had Melody stay with him last night cause there was no more room. Now he was gonna keep an eye on him. Jin felt like Melody was his younger sister he needed to protect. Much like Jimin except Jimin and Melody were comfortable with teasing each other. Jin had purposely sent them to look for wash materials because it was AAALLL the way in the back of the cabinet and it was in one of many cabinets they had.
"So...you and Jin?" Taehyung said breaking the silence as he rummaged through the cabinet. "What?"
"You and Jin. You two are pretty close right?"
"I guess you can say that." Melody said adding a giggle at the end trying to lighten the tense atmosphere. "Oh... well I hope you two are happy together..." Melody stopped and looked at him tilting her head in confusion. "Together?"
"Yeah, by the looks of it you two really mesh well." Taehyung said with pain in his words.
"Oh no!! Jin Oppa is like my brother!" "Its alright you're secret is safe with me. I wont tell the other members."
"There really is no secret!"
Taehyung stopped looking and looked towards Melody. He swiftly grabbed her wrist pulling her in and then with his foot shut the door. Taehyung then placed her on the counter of the bathroom so now she was above him. He stood between her legs with hands on her hips. "So you and Jin arent a thing? But you surely have feelings for him right? I mean you seemed to really like him since you guys met."
"N-No I-I d-dont have f-feelings for him-m. L-like i said h-he is like a b-brother to me." Melody stuttered and felt quiet embarrassed due to how close they were. Taehyung felt the weight in his chest disappear. "Oh! Okay." and like that the bubbly Taehyung had returned. In his clouded mind set he was earlier he really didnt realize what he was doing, so once he snapped out of it he felt blood rush to his cheeks.
He went back to searching through the cabinet with a faint grin trying to hide itself. "Im going to check the other cabinet in the other room so Ill be right back. Stay right here!" Taehyung said as he started to exit. Then Namjoon suddenly walked in.
"Hey Melody- wow what happened to you?" He said holding back a chuckle.
"Me and Jin got into a food fight" She said with a slight giggle thinking about how childish it was. "Really?? Jin? Food fight? Wow you should come by more often! You seem to bring the fun side of everyone come out." Melody smiled at him.
"Hold on you have something in your hair." Namjoon said as he started reaching out to her. He got close and positioned himself like Taehyung had earlier. "Put your head down for a second." Melody listened. Namjoon separated her hair and started pulling out small chunks of flour and batter. "Next time you have a food fight call me cause looking at your hair looks like it was a lot of fun." Melody laughed at this. "Okay Oppa will do." Namjoon stopped and started blushing at the word oppa. "O-okay done." Melody flipped her hair up and messed with it trying to fix it. But Namjoon thought she looked beautiful no matter what she did. "Oppa you okay? Your face is pink. Oh no do you think you might have gotten sick?" "N-no Im fine!"
After a second of silence Hoseok's voice was heard. "Namjoon!!! Come here!!!!"
"I gotta go but I'll see you at breakfast." Namjoon said backing up and flashed a smile that made his dimple show. Melody pocked it as fast as she could and giggled. He winked at her then left the room.
Taehyung was making his way in with the materials just as Namjoon was leaving. They made eye contact but there was clear tension. Taehyung made his way in and then set everything next to Melody. "What did Namjoon hyung want?" he asked.
"Oh he was just stopping by to say hi and to get dibs on the next time me and Jin have a food fight" Melody said smiling at the funny thought.
"Oh okay." Taehyung wet the clothe and moved between her legs once again and started to wipe. Melody grabbed his hand "Oppa I can do it-"
"No this is me repaying you for yesterday." "Oppa are you sure, cause I can do i-"
"Im sure now shut up so I can wipe your face or you might get flour water in your mouth." He said putting his finger to her mouth and flashing that rectangular smile. Melody's heart skipped a beat. He wiped her face till it was completely clean.
They walked out together so that Melody can get new clothes. Melody was then pulled into one of the rooms as she was passing by.
"Tae Im going to borrow her for a bit. okay thanks bye." And with that Jimin closed the door.
"Wow you've been a dirty girl havent you?" Jimin said with a smirk. Melody finally turned around to realize Jimin was shirtless. She turned around again and then calmed herself down. Melody took a deep breath and turned around. Jimin was now closer to her and she had almost run into his chest. "Whatever."
"But with all seriousness we need to fix your hair." He said.
"And why would I trust you with my hair?"
"Because if you havent noticed these beautiful locks of glory, guess who made that possible. mhm thats right this hunk standing before you did."
Melody laughed at him. He gave her a shirt to change into. But as she was making her way to the restroom Jimin spoke up. "Nu-uh. Jungkook is taking a shower." "Then where am I going to change?"
"Just change here."
"Here????" Melody said flustered. "Ill turn" he said with a sigh. Melody still felt uneasy but she really had no choice unless she wanted to have sticky hair for any longer. So she turned facing the corner, lifting her shirt over her head.
"Hey Hyung I left my underw- AAHHHH" Melody only turned her head and she saw Jungkook in a towel wrapped around his waist and nothing else.
"H-Hyung?????" Jungkook said. This didnt look good especially since Jimin laid down on the bed AND still didnt put a shirt on. Jimin stood up as fast as he could and threw Jungkook's underwear at his face so it covered his face. Jimin tried his best not to look at Melody. She was red faced as she tried her best to cover herself.
"I'll explain just get inside." Jimin said holding the underwear over Jungkook's eyes pushing him inside the restroom and entering with him.
<<AISH just as i thought i couldnt get more embarrased!>>
In the restroom Jimin finally took off the cover over Jungkook's head. Jungkook was staring into space and was red like a tomato.
"H-hyung how could you do that! Especially since Tae-" "SHHH. Trust me its not what it looks like. She got into a food fight with Jin-" "With Jin??"
"I know I was surprised too. Anyways so she got stuff in her hair and since you were taking so damn long in the shower she was changing their. As you know I already had my shirt off and lately your timing has just been...perfect."
"O-oh okay."
Jung kook slipped on a white t-shirt and basketball shorts.
Jimin knocked on the door and pushed Jungkook behind him just in case Melody was still embarrassed. Creaking the door slightly open so only his lips stuck out, he puckered up and stuck them out. "You done yet?"
"Yeah. Im done."
He opened up and Jungkook still couldn't get the image of her out of his head.
"Melody, um s-sorry bout w-what happened..." He said awkwardly. Melody smiled shyly.
"Its alright." She hugged him "Your like my brother so it doesn't matter." She pulled back to see his face had gone pink. "Aww your so cute. I could just kiss you!" she said as she squished his cheeks together. This made him chuckle nervously. "Oh sorry haha last time I was with one of my guy friends we used to do that hehe."
"YOU USED TO KISS YOUR GUY FRIENDS???" Jung kook said shocked with his cheeks still pushed together. "Well yes and no."
"What do you mean yes and no???" Jimin said confused and a bit flustered.
"Well in my culture its a way of greeting people for example." She let go of jungkook's face and stepped back. "Hola mi amigo! Que pasa?" And then she grabbed Jimin's hand as if she was gonna shake his hand. He grabbed it and then Melody pulled him close and kissed both sides of his cheek. Then she turned to Jungkook and grabbed his hand. She pulled him in and did the same. "See?" The boys stood there stunned. "Excuse us for a second." Jimin said pulling Jungkook into the bathroom. Then all that could be heard in the restroom was squealing and snickering. Then there was ruffling of clothing and then clearing throats. They walked out looking more put together. And
"Anyways you ready for your spa treatment?" Jimin said jokingly.
"Of course! Anything for a free head massage." Melody replied. Jungkook decided to stick around to help. They put a floor chair and a towel to support her neck and make her comfy. Jimin started with wetting her hair using the shower hose. He sat in the tub in his swimming trunks not bothering to put a shirt on. He took his time taking each clump out of her hair. All of them got to know each other more and more. Next he used his shampoo to clean the rest of her hair. She hummed in pleasure as she felt his hands massage her head. Jungkook was asking questions on words in english since he wanted to do a cover of a song. OH ya! By the way, Melody learned that every person in the house was musically gifted and they liked to jam out together at times. The song was Paper Hearts. It was a lovely song. After the shampoo Jimin put some serum in her hair to strengthen it and make it look very healthy.
Everyone sat down to eat once they heard Jin's voice call for them. Melody sat next to Taehyung and Namjoon once again like last night. There were a bunch of types of pancakes. There was regular pancakes, potato pancakes, kimchi pancakes and thin pancakes (crepes). Melody at first didn't know what the potato and kimchi pancakes were so she stuck to the regular pancakes and crepes. But she didn't want to be rude so she asked. "What are these two?"
"Its Kimchijeon. Basically a pancake with kimchi and the other is potato. Trust me its really good." He said as he stuffed another piece into his mouth. "Here." Jimin said, holding out his chopsticks to her. Taehyung watched as he did that. He knew Jimin was just being friendly but still...he wanted to do that. Namjoon thought the same too. She took the pancake into her mouth and let all the flavors take over. "Yaah...this is amazing!!" She said smiling. "Melody try this." Taehyung said holding his chopsticks out. It was a potato pancake and a kimchi pancake sandwiched with maple syrup on it. Melody hesitantly opened her mouth as Taehyung placed the peace in her mouth. He smiled as he took the chopsticks into his mouth to suck off the extra maple syrup. She stopped chewing and looked at him with wide eyes. He winked at her making her choke on her food slightly. "Im okay haha I'm okay"
Namjoon looked at Taehyung and then at Melody. He remembered what he had heard earlier. Taehyung was bringing the confident side out of himself. Maybe if he were to be confident too he could get her to notice him as a man.
After eating everyone cleaned up. Melody checked her watch and saw it was now 10 am.
"Hey guys I really have to thank all of you. Thank you for last night. If you guys weren't there i probably wouldn't be here today, literally. I haven't opened up like this in years and I haven't had this much fun either. I know I just met you less than 24 hours ago but I already feel you guys are my brothers. I gotta go but if you need anything you know where to find me."
They all waved goodbye and Melody headed for the door. As she opened the door she felt someone grab her wrist and turn her around. "Wait... can I get your number? Ya know when we wanna hang out..."
She gave Taehyung a smile and gave him her number.
Melody posted the next chapter of her webtoon. The hours of being by herself brought back horrible memories and closed her back up. All the progress that had happened in the few hours of being with them was out of the window.
~~~~Thoughts in Renesmay's Prov.~~~~
In high school i was the outcast. The one who no one wanted to be around. I sat alone everyday by myself. I wasn't like this before but things happen. I was in an accident that took the lives of two people. It was an extremely traumatizing experience. I shut down from the world. I closed off from people. I hung out with only the kids from my neighbor hood. The only ones I trusted. The only ones who helped me when I needed it. They kept me here and sane. They taught me how to protect myself. But when we moved away i lost touch with them and with them went the last part of me.
I avoided people. I stayed alone with my drawings. My drawings were my friends thats all i needed.
But when I met these boys. They hit a trigger in me. They opened me up. They made me happy. I haven't been happy in a long time.
Before Melody knew it it was dark out. She sighed heavily as she put down her pen. She moved to her bed and played down setting her alarm. When she suddenly got a text.
Unknown: Hey its me Taehyung. I hope I get to see you more often now cause you really brought the fun side out of everyone. Btw Im stopping bye tomorrow morning and you can't do anything about it!
Melody smiled at the text and closed her eyes. She wanted to have those arms wrap around her. The arms that comforted her the night before and held her close. The arms that belonged to the guy she couldn't stop thinking about. Taehyung was slowly creeping into her heart no matter how much she wanted to deny it it was happening right under her nose.
and one thing ran through her mind.
Why was Tae coming over?
Thank you so much for reading!!!! Im so sorry for the wait but my computer broke just as I was writing and I don't have another computer XD. It took me a while to be able to do this. Ive had like a couple of minutes on the home computer and thats why it took so long XD
Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading as much as i enjoyed writing!!!!
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Loved it!!! Let the love triangle begin! Taehyung being more forward though was great and Jungkookie being all shy was my favorite πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
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