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Over lunch I showed my friend a music video of a boy group but she pointed out the music video background and concept reminds her of another music video. We pulled the other music video up and saw a few shots of similarities.
So, I got an idea to make a pop quiz to see if you guys can guess the music video! As you it's not uncommon a music video share the same set design and color theme.

Thanks for participating! The answers are below!! :)

MV 1: Vixx - Chain Up

MV 2: Spexial - Boyz on Fire

OMG I am glad someone else noticed that!!! It's Vixx Chained up & Spexial's Boyz On Fire.
@jiggzy19 Yes, I agree with your answer! That's Leo I believe in the 1st mv pic. And I remember clearly the 2nd mv from speXial cuz I just watched it.
MV 1 = VIXX - Chained Up MV 2 = SpeXial - Boyz On Fire I also notice this a lot when watching music videos from China, Korea, Japan, & Vietnam! :) They sometimes share set designs and stuff like that ^^
@jiggzy19 @biancadanica983 @AlyssaGelet818 Good eye! haha i know this would be too easy for you. I'll find a more difficult one next time! :D
@cindystran KK! I'll totally be waiting!