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What do you do when your boss implements a dress code that's more than just a little racist?

Well, first, you notify the labor board. But then you find some creative ways to hit back like June Rivas did this week when she'd had enough of her boss's super strict rules.
Apparently, June's boss just couldn't hang with the fact that sometimes she enjoyed wearing ponytails, pigtails, and hair wraps to work every day - to the point where stricter dress code was implemented, prohibiting "straps, hats, sandals, cleavage, back out, lace, and cultural head wraps."

So what does this 'cosplaying Scorpio' do?

She does this.

Well, that's certainly ONE way to follow dress code!

Which look was your favorite? What would you do if your boss implemented a racist dress code? Have you had a jerk boss before too?

Let me know in the comments below!
But in all matters her boss is kinda rude for not letting her wear scarves but that cosplayer is my hero
@lovelikematoi thank you. I feel she is agitating the situation. Okay, i get the first shot but why are you antagonizing your supervisor. She is putting more fuel to the fire. Also making her case weaker. Btw it also seem she is seeking Internet fame and I hate to say that but she is just being irrational. I worked for the city of New York, I would have been written up coming to work with Cosplay and I would have nothing to fight against because it was me and my solo act acting like a child having a temper tantrum in good Coldplay clothes that should be saved for a con not for the job that puts money in your bank accounts
@drummergirl691 im guessing its considered "racist" only because of the headwrap. which is understandable since thats cultural. other than that the dress code is just a dress code and nothing more. honestly this cosplaying woman handled the situation entirely wrong. shes either going to be fired or her appeal is going to be dismissed because the officials are only going to assume that since shes spitefully wearing cosplay outfits that she must do things to piss off her boss all the time.... :-|
@drummergirl691 its anti Vulcan
@LAVONYORK cleavage and back out too. thats waaay too far. i know its hard for young girls to understand nowadays but walking around with your titties popping and/or hanging out is not gonna land you a job and its EVEN WORSE if you going like that to church.... XD
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