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So after my week in Seattle in April for the AOMG concert, I realized I was way overdue for a vacation. Seattle was so much fun and I loved Seattle! I'll definitely go back but this time around I decided I had to go to Korea. I've been saying it for a few months but finally booked the trip. No going back now!
I could really use anyone's help on deciding what places to visit. I'll be in Korea for 2 weeks(first 2 weeks in October). 1 week in Seoul and 1 week in Busan. Places I have in mind are Busan aquarium a palace (I have a few in mind) N Seoul tower Busan Tower YG building (I HAVE to take a pic here) Myeongdong Lotte world/aquarium anyone know of any clubs? lol
I'd like to visit tourist attractions as well as some traditional/cultural places. I've done my research online but I'm still hoping for some suggestions from you all. Thank you I appreciate it. @kpopandkimchi @PassTheSuga @PrettieeEmm @amobigbang @KwonOfAKind @LocoForJiyong @lovetop @BBxGD @Miichi @pandaqueenbee @catchyacrayon @xoxorittie
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@jemitza oh wow 😂 yeah we probably did lol. I waned to go to the after party but I'm too young 😎 and wow! That sounds great! I hope jet lag doesn't harm your stay so you can have tons of fun! And yeah be sure to~ also Eat Your Kimchi have lots of videos on YouTube that you could check out if you want ideas for places to travel~
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@ArmyofKookie yeah I'm planning on training my body to sleep at a different time so when I get there I minimize the jet lag. Thank you so much for the suggestions. I'll make sure to check out the videos
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@jemitza good idea! And no problem :3 good luck with your travels!
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omg k so def myeongdong like you said. don't buy any albums or stuff anywhere else. albums in myeongdong are cheaper than usual (subway towards exit 7 I think. in a corner -- there's a nice kpop shop with nice prices and plenty of gear). dongdaemun design plaza is amazing! and there are malls around with cheap clothes (typically 10,000 won). but the ddp is amazing by itself. if you want clubs, definitely hongdae. it's near hongik university (hense hongdae which means hong university -- just shortened from hongik) so it's pumped with college kids and clubs. itaewon is good for foreigners. lots to do!! I lived in seoul, but never made it to busan. I have some friend in busan if you'd like me to ask them for recommendations. just an fyi if you go to seoul tower, it costs extra to actually go up the tower and I don't really recommend it. it wasn't expensive or anything, just...the view was pretty much the same as the bottom of the tower. the cable car is cool, though. I'd go to n seoul tower and myeongdong on the same day since they're super close to each other. insadong is good for souvenirs. hmmm there are lots of places, but if it's just for a week...definitely go to a 노래방...I'd go to one of the palaces, but once you've seen one, you've kinda seen them all (they're pretty similar). I like the one on gwanghwamun square -- near a bunch of embassies and the king sejong center (gyeongbokgung palace). and museum wise -- the war memorial museum is amazing! same as the folk museum connected to that palace. k well hope you have fun~
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almost forgot. the trick eye museum in hongdae. it's a lot of fun. a tad expensive (12,000 won/person I think) but it also includes a ticket to the connected ice museum which is chill lmao
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