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My apologies again I've been swamped with life and a big decision just got a cat and he's a little upset not being in his usual environment. Well maybe that's to much detail, anyhow I've been slacking on my Vingle post so I'll try to do better so let's get on with it :3
Day 14: Manga I can recommend- Uq Holder Uq Holder takes an interesting concept and runs with it but doesn't ruin it by over simplification or re-using the same type over and over again. It uses comedy and action to develop which feels like a natural process rather than a forced one and character development happens fluidly, no character (least yet) has dumb broken progression that accelerates them ahead of where you really feel they should be which is shown quite well through how events take place in a way they should for solid progression. Did think the big bad guy reveal was a tad early though (just saying) this is something I definitely think others can pick up and have a great time with.
Day 15: First Manga I've read- Fruits Basket Honestly fruits basket was my first entry into manga. I checked it out while in my middle school library, I looked at it and laughed at it's girly title (what did I know, I was 11) and though it was for girls. Well I started reading and instantly got hooked. The thought of characters turning into animals from the zodiac calendar really interested me (I'm rooster). It was the firsts of a many long WRONG idea for an anime the list goes into bleach (clothes cleaner) Naruto (dumb stuff that bogged down cool ninja stuff) or Fairy Tail (basically what once upon a time is was my thought process) I am so glad that I picked up fruits basket cause had I not I would have missed out on an entire world of entertainment and would not have the friends I have today.
Sorry for being slow with posting I'll try to get better at it, and I also want to apologize to @SimplyAwkward I didn't tag you in the last card and it's rude no matter what angle you look at it I'm genuinely sorry Lovely Readers please follow @SimplyAwkward for the original post and collection and if you would like to start that would be awesome as well I'd love to read your cards on the Day's in question :3
@SimplyAwkward A few of them didn't fit me because I'd never read the series in question before for that genre but I didn't want to cop out either ;-;
@SimplyAwkward I hope she's OK and pulls through :) you take your time your Nakama will be here when you can get back
It's fine I thought I missed a couple of days since I'm visiting my great grandma in the hospital
;-; I've been too busy I forgot about my challenge