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Que tal peeps!

I had to get this part out before I forget! I write as things come to me and if you know me I can be forgetful. Thanks for all your support mis amgios. Well the rule is the same. If this part get at least 10 likes I will continue with the series.

On a serious note if this is too intense for you please message me to untag you. I do care about you all and do not want to add stress to your lives. I write these for the love of BTS, writing, and for entertainment reasons. That's why I tell you all that this includes mature content. I write mature stories not kid stories.

Mature Content



"What the fuck are you talking about?" You lift your hand to smack Yoongi. He grabs your hand and stops you from smacking him. He stands in front on you still with his strong grasp around your wrist. He look at you with a smirk. You try to break free but he tighten his grip. Jimin I need you where are me..... You try to stay strong but the way Yoongi is looking at you and smirking makes you a bit afraid. "Look let me go. You are hurting me Min Yoongi. Just tell me what you are talking about." You say. Yoongi grins and placing your hand on his growing bulge he groan softly while moving your hand over his manhood. "You want answers you gotta work for them." You instantly grow up enough courage and smack him with your other hand. Jimin walks in on you slapping Yoongi and quickly pounced on Yoongi. "You little bitch! Stay away from my woman!" Jimin yells while hitting Yoongi in the jaw with full force. You could hear the loud sound of Jimin's fist hitting Yoongi's jaw. Yoongi punches Jimin in the stomach. The Jimin kicks him in the knees causing him to fall down. "Stop it you two!" You say while getting in between them. Yoongi mad with rage attempts to hit Jimin but punches you in the stomach. The room begins to blur and you black out from the rush of pain.
You could hear voices like distance whispers. You wake up from a lovely childhood memory of you and your family on the beach when you were about 16. Suddenly, your memory goes black and you were being taken away from them. Your parents look away and do nothing as you scream at the top of your lungs. Suddenly you scream out and you open your eyes. The room was blurry and you were cold. You could feel a warm hand grab your hand. "Baby I'm here. Calm down. You are at the hospital." It was Jimin you could recognize his voice anywhere. Then you hear Jin and Namjoon's voice. Your vision was coming back and you realized you were in a gown. A nurse walks in with a warm smile. "Wow thank God you are awake. You have been out for 2 days. When you fainted you hit your head on the patio table. Jimin, Jin, and Yoongi have been here for the whole time. Yoongi just left and Namjoon just arrived. Let's run some tests." You touch your head and could feel some small stiches. You had a slight headache. Then suddenly you remembered you missed class and your internship. "I'm fine I have to makeup my class work and my internship. They are gonna fire me!" You attempt to get up. "Baby, I called all of them. You are fine. Everyone wishes you good health." Jimin says. "You all will have to leave for me to run these tests gentlemen." The nurse says. Jimin kisses you and smiles as he follows the others. "I will be in the waiting room." You smile and nod. Then it hit you. Why would Yoongi even be here that pervy guy. This is his doing. But you were happy that the guys were there for you. Jimin was being all sexy and protective.
Jimin walks you to your internship. Ever since you came back from the hospital you have been in the guest room at the guy's apartment. They refused to let you go home and Jimin has been sleeping in your room every night. He was pissed at Yoongi. All the guys were but you never seen Jimin so upset with anyone like this. Before he opens the door for you he looks at you. You cover your stiches with some of your hair and you look down. "Baby you look good. You take it easy and of you need me just call me. I will be in the practice room." Jimin kisses you. "Okay baby. Thank you so much." You try not to cry. "I need you and you need me. Don't thank me baby. That's my job." Jimin kisses you again and watches as you walk into your work room.
You were asleep in Jimin's bedroom. You were wrapped in his arms when you both fell asleep. You were super tired from a long day. Then you began to dream about that memory. It was more dark then before and your screams were super louder. You woke up screaming. Jimin woke up and grabbed you closer. "Baby, I'm here." You realize where you were. He looks concerned and snuggle up with you. "What was that about. You did this at the hospital too." Jimin says. "Oh just a bad dream from my pain killers papi." You say in a sweet tone. "Are you sure kitten. If Yoongi is messing with you again....You know I best his ass after you fainted." Jimin said. You chuckle. "Yeah I seen his face today." Jimin begin to drift off to sleep but you were still awake. That was the first time you lied to Jimin. You knew what was going on. You were having flashbacks from your past. All that crazy talk Yoongi was doing was breathing life into dead memories. How were you going to tell Jimin that you came from a broke ass broken home. Both of your parents were addicts and own money to their dealers. They were in so much debt and would do anything for a fix of heroine. Your parents took you to the beach that day. They called it a family vacation and told you that they wanted to make thing right. You thought it was going to be finally right between you all. Maybe you all would be that poster American family that you read about in school. Maybe they would finally get clean and makeup for your broken childhood. You were willing to forgive. The day was super beautiful. The sky was a perfect blue like the ones in the paintings. The air was fresh and the water was so beautiful. You just had your favorite ice cream and not a care in the world. When suddenly two huge men snatched you away from your parents. You were screaming and fighting to embrace your parents. Your mother looks down and your father looks away. Honey I'm sorry... this is the only way you here as you see blackness. The guy knocks you out because you were fighting too much. These guys were in the human trafficking business. They sold you to some Korean guys in Korea. A foreign place to you where you had to learn the culture real quick. They made you be an exotic dancer. Honestly, it could've been worst they could have raped you and made you into a sex slave. You and your home girl were able to get away. The dudes who had you both on lock allowed you two to have more freedom since you two were quick learners and adapted to the culture real quick. That's how you were able to go to school and come up with an awesome escape plan. How were you to tell your precious Jimin you were born to addicts and made a stripper? He couldn't love some whore. No one could not even yourself. You hear your phone go off and you look to find you had a text message. Your eyes widen as you read.......

Lol until next time peeps!

FYI Human Trafficking is real mis amigos. This is nothing to play with. If you want to learn more about Human Trafficking and how to prevent it check out this website.

The more we know the more lives we can save!

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@Kpossible4250 hi let's do it then lol
I am so angry with suga right now I want to kick his ass who's with me?
Wwwoooowwwww!!!!!! This chapter was so deep!!!!!!
@twistedlove I usually don't have a problem with Suga but I wanna slap him upside the head!!!!
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