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Happy Member Tuesday everyone~

It is now Hongbin's card! YAS I HAVE BEEN WAITING COME TO ME MY - I mean...Wooo! Hongbin! Wooooo....*coughs awkwardly* Missed the other members? Gotchu! Hakyeon, Leo, Ravi, Ken, Hyuk Missed the other bands? (BTS, EXO, Monsta X, Apink, GOT7, IKON, Seventeen, and Winner) Click HERE

I'm fine...


I'm... *cries*


*wipes drool off of face*


Soo...shall I announce who the next band is going to be?

Drumroll please...

The winner is ASTRO!

These cute adorable rays of sunshine! I am excited to do them next! I also happy to see all the different bands you guys voted for! It let me know that we can continue these cards for quite awhile!

Also, I wanted to let you guys know that I will start doing these cards two days a week!

They will also come out on Saturdays as I felt one day was not enough! So make sure to keep your eye out for it! Wooo~ More gifs and memes! XD

Thanks guys and don't forget to vote for which member of ASTRO you would like to see member cards of first!

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Yay Hongbin! ❤ For Astro I vote MJ!
a year ago·Reply
Love Bean's smile!!! Those dimples!!! He is my bias wrecker in VIXX!!
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
them dimples tho
a year ago·Reply
Of course we have to start with MJ! Right? Right! ♥♥♥
a year ago·Reply