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What's up with Otter Pops being the biggest jerks ever?

They're so cheap, so delicious, but leave you feeling like someone just gave you an artificial cherry-flavored Glasgow smile.

What's your favorite summer food? Is it watermelon or ice pops or something completely different?

Shout-out to all my roasted corn on the cob nerds.
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I have two ice pop packs in the freezer now!!!
a year ago·Reply
blackberry's are my fav summer treat. i pick them fresh by the gallons and freeze some for winter use. pies, cakes, cobblers. so many uses
a year ago·Reply
@jeremimzy17 there is a ice cream truck that runs by my house alot
a year ago·Reply
That has happened to me before, I have cut myself on an Ice Pop and it was not fun lol. I do love Watermelon but my Favorite Summer food would have to be a Snowball with Marshmallow, yum!
a year ago·Reply
Water of course
a year ago·Reply
It's indeed essential lol.
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