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This is what I want people to see, there had to be a reason why he apologized, I can't imagine him doing it out of the blue, it makes so sad that he felt he had to apologize, Can't he see how much we love him for his beautiful personality and how we will continue to support him through everything. The colour of your skin Tae Tae matters to no one, and if only Korean standards would change, then it'd be easier to realise that...And to apologize for a natural occurrence, it's not as if he went and applied unnatural tan on himself. As usual he was working hard and received a natural tan, its not as if it was his fault.... We army's love and support you, no matter what you look, and we want to remind you, to stay safe in the sun, wear sunscreen so that your skin has perfection , drink plenty of water and just be yourself always and forever <3
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I love pale skin. Like I look like a damn ghost. But if people want to tan they can. It's their right just like how it's my right to look like a ghost. People need to stop being so hard on everyone.
I think idols look better with tan. Like take N and Ravi from VIXX. They are dark, and I can't see them as [and I will use this term loosely] 'white-washed' So it's okay for me if any idol wants to be tan or not. I don't discriminate.
he looks amazing. ..haters can suck it!!!
No v you don't need to apologize you're handsome no matter what. You don't need to apologize for being you! So for the people that are complaining about his skin GTFO!
No No No my adorable V you're are beautiful just the way you are. Please you must know you are perfect in every way, please don't apologize and please don't let what ppl say about the color of your affect you. Flaunt that melanin boy!!!! *Snaps* <3