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Need a new romantic anime to watch? Ao Haru Ride or the english name Blue spring ride has plenty of romance! Main plot: In the 6th grade Futaba shared mutual feelings with a boy named Tanaka, Kou. But one day he overheard Futaba say "I hate all boys!" to another boy student after he was trying to hit on her. That was the last time she saw Kou.
Three years later Futaba enters highschool as a freshman and already made some new friends she tries not to have feminine appeal by buying a bunch of food and gorge it down. She bumps into a guy and looks exactly like Tanaka however his last name was Mabuchi. Futaba finally gather enough courage to follow him after school, asked if he was Tanaka Kou. Futaba finally ran into her first love from middle school but is he the same Kou she loved from back then? Something had changed in him..
See if Kou will return Futaba feelings! Watch on kissanime or crunchyroll! only 12 episodes also read the manga on kissmanga or mangareader.net
Thanks for reading my card! Other suggestions: Nisekoi, My little monster and Toradora
Great suggestion! I love this one :)
I know right?! @Hatake26 πŸ˜‰
Excellent anime and manga πŸ‘πŸΌ
@hikaymm thanks πŸ˜‰