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This is actually a bit of a fan fiction now that I'm actually looking at it. It really just started out so small & I just added more & more detail so, well, read on. lol. Here are the club owners & the male & female strippers who'd work there.
Kim Eunyoung, known as Ms. Cheetah, would run 'Club Unpretty,' but like the show 'Unpretty Rapstar', only bad bitches are on stage. Her club has only female dancers, but males & females are able to watch. Cheetah gets onstage herself every now & again to dance with or touch the strippers to hype the crowd up.
One worker at Cheetah's club is Amber. She'd have her typical "tomboy" look. She'd always say 'how y'all ladies doing tonight?' when she comes out, but she has no problem catering to the guys too because das money. Her song would be 'Two Weeks' by FKA Twigs.
The other popular dancer at Club Unpretty would be Minzy. She's incredibly sexy & seductive, but she still leaves a lot to the imagination. She doesn't let anyone touch her & that adds to the desire. Her song would be 'Pon Di Cocky' by Aidonia because the twerking & ticktocking would be real.
The next club owner is Yang Hyunsuk aka YG of Club YG. His specialty is announcing the next dancer & when they're coming out, but he's either lying about the time or about the dancer coming out all together. 😒 Yet everyone still gets excited when he announces the next dancer. He has a rule at his club: No $1 bills. Only bills $5 and more can be thrown.
Kai would work at Club YG. He would have the whole cute, schoolboy, innocent look going for him, but then he dances & people lose their shit. He would dance to 'Special Affair' by The Internet.
The main female dancer of Club YG would be Hyorin. Her looks always show off her legs. If she's really in the mood, she'll switch to her alterego, Hyolyn. Hyorin is sweet & pleases the gentlemen while Hyolyn is bolder & is only for the ladies. Her song would be 'Touch' by Anda.
Jackson fits very well with the trolling nature of YG, so he's YG's favorite dancer. Every time he comes on stage he likes to pick out one person in the audience to throw all of his clothes toward. & of course, they love it. His main song would be 'Let Me Love You' by Ariana Grande ft. Lil Wayne.
Next, we have the wonderful owner of Club A6ove, Jung Kiseok, better known as Simon (they all want the) D. There's always a line outside the door & every time the club opens, the DJ has to play 'Simon Dominic;' just in case the people don't realize the greatness they're stepping into.
Of course, Jay works at Club A6ove. He'd be the one to come out in the suit with a hat & everything, but then his music starts & he throws the hat to the side to let his hair fall in his face, he unbuttons & unzips to the beat of the song, & just body rolls to the end of time. He'd dance to 'Obsesion (No Es Amor)' by Frankie J.
CL would draw in quite a large male crowd to Club A6ove. She's always got this bad girl look even when she's trying to be cute, but that's her charm. On their off nights, she & Cheetah get together to talk about creating a studio where aspiring strippers can learn the ropes. Her main song would be 'For The Night' by As One.
Taeyang is the other highly requested male stripper at Simon's club. He's full of so much energy no matter where he comes in the night's line up. He has no problem letting the ladies touch him & he even does private shows for bachelorette parties. His song is 'Gorilla' by Bruno Mars.
And the LAST club owner is Kwon Jiyong aka GD. He owns The High Dragon. GD's club is extremely chill. It's the type of strip club you could drink, eat some good food, & smoke at (hence the name). He's known for being a very stylish, flashy, extra-looking boss, but he treats his workers and customers very very well.
The oldest stripper in the game is Kim Jongkook. He still has it though, so that's why GD keeps him around. Since he's the "grandpa" of strippers, he comes on stage hunched over with a cane, a plaid shirt, & suspenders holding his pants too high. He walks on like he's interrupting the next dancer's announcement, but then his music starts & he strips to reveal his Spartan soldier leather underwear. You wouldn't expect it with looks like that, but he's super shy. He knows how to keep the ladies happy though. He'd dance to 'Dance For You' by Beyonce.
The top female dancer at The High Dragon is Hyuna. GD doesn't impose a bill minimum like YG, but Hyuna does. She only takes bills $20+ and people have no problem giving them to her. She also doesn't hesitate in letting GD know she wants more show time, but they both settled on letting her do private shows with the trainee girls who aren't allowed to earn money yet. Her song would be 'Precious Possession' by Anna Wise.
If anyone wants to make a movie out of this, I'd pay to see it. Tagging: @PassTheSuga
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@twistedlove omg, I've never written a legit fan fic before. 😱 I'll try it though. I'll try to have it done before the end of the month & I'll remember to tag you in it. ☺️
@DeeInGee thank you no pressure take your time don't rush please tag me in everything
will do! ☺️☺️ @twistedlove
This was pretty cool, and DAMN RIGHT KIM JONG KOOK STILL HAS IT @CosmicCassidy
@TheEnlightment he's literally so handsome.