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BTS & Shinee dance!
only a few days until KCON LA so this card is dedicated to the two amazing headliners this year! ^^ BTS & Shinee! I love many songs from both groups, but one thing I love and appreciate from both these groups is how AMAZING their choreography is and they have some fantastic dancers!
There are two dancers in particular who I think are two of the best dancers, they are just too amazing. (just my opinion) Jhope from BTS and Taemin from Shinee
But this is just my opinion~ Which members are your favorite dancers? ^^
BTS has a lot a lot of songs, dance practices & performances so I wont put all of them here, but do you have a favorite song by BTS or a favorite dance by them? Hmmm its hard to choose!! I think my favorite BTS song is Butterfly followed by War of Hormone, my favorite dance~ hmmm I really love Fire and Dope I think! (also im totally in love with their new No More Dream performance with an extended dance break!! <3)
Shinee also has a lot of songs, dance practices and performances which I wont put them all here either! but do you have a favorite song by Shinee or a favorite dance by them? ^^ Again tough choice! hmmm I think my favorite song by them might be Lucifer or Married to the Music! My favorite dance is alao either Married to the Music or Everybody! Ill admit I love love love Taemins solo stuff though <3
One of my many favorite songs by SHINee is why so serious and dance is ring ding dong...for BTS it's so hard to choose but I love save me, and fire, and the dance with fire
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jhope and jimin are my all time favorite dancers. taemin is amazing as well.
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