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Hello Mello-dies!

I'm behind, I apologize. I'll probably be behind all week due to KCON. Same for half the BTOB Mod crew as we are experiencing crazy solo schedules and internet issues , so be patient with us.

Anyway, the theme for member cards this week is best and worst performance outfits. Ilhoon has had some interesting wardrobe choices over the years, so let's get to it, shall we?

The WOW era gave us some real colorful outfits mixing patterns, colors and accessories. Sometimes it worked really well, other times it looked like a hot mess. This outfit isn't particularly bad, but the placement of that fanny pack is. If you watch live performances of this you can see that thing bobbing around his chest and I can only imagine how cumbersome that must have been, not to mention the possibility of it hitting him in the face when executing choreography.
Fanny packs were a heavily used accessory during this era and it makes me wonder if Cube was hoping the boys could revive the fad all by themselves.
So much clashing. Again, this is from the WOW era. I do admire Kpop idols for their ability to wear ridiculous things with complete confidence. He looks entirely unfazed here.
I think if the fanny pack was a little more subdued and not so busy it would have mixed better. Also, what is that orange, scrunchy looking necklace? The shirt is orange so why does he need a bulky chunk of orange fabric hanging off his neck? The skull necklace would have been just fine on it's own.
Another one from the WOW era.... Just so many patterns. There's still a jacket to go on before he hits the stage too. At least the hat is a little toned down.
He still looks good af though and he doesn't seem to care so... could be worse.
This is from a performance with G.Na. I'm just not digging the yellow. Nope, not at all. It's too much yellow and then leopard print... it's just too much of everything. I get they were going for a matching look, but... um...
Ilhoon normally looks gorgeous in a suit. But I hate this one. The fact that I have an intense dislike for the color pink probably doesn't help. But beyond that, the fabric looks stiff, crunchy and hard to move in. It doesn't look like it fits him as well as it should and I don't like the pattern. Yeah, not a fan.
One of my favorite Ilhoon looks comes from the I Only Know Love era. It's the naval uniform look that all the boys sported. This pic demonstrates it pretty well. The Naval officer's jacket paired with a modern shirt and chained jewelry. These were tailored well and fit them amazingly. Ilhoon's wavy locks and big, toothy smile just pull the whole look together for me.
I mean, who doesn't love a man in a uniform?
Another one from the same era. I'm just digging the buttons, stripes and juxtaposition of the modern details. Ugh, yes! Can we have more of this?
The same era also saw a different suited look shown here. With the same style of cut as the Naval uniforms without the military details. Again, these suits were well cut, well fitted and looked great. I love the hemline detail on his shirt here and the criss-crossed chain accessory over his chest.
Even Minhyuk thinks Ilhoon looks good in the outfits from this era!
I absolutely love this gray on black look from the When I Was Your Man era, but it's extremely difficult to find pictures of it.
He looks so crisp with those skinny black suspenders. I wish there was a picture showing the complete outfit with the black slacks.
Since I can't find a picture, I included the video of the performance. You can see how good they all look. They sound amazing too!
Ilhoon is the only one wearing suspenders so lucky us! They really accentuate his shoulders and show off his lean figure. He just looks damn good!
Which Ilhoon look did you love? Which one did you hate? Is there another better or worse look I missed? Let me know in the comments.
bae๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘Œ ( I will always love the thriller era and It's ok era) But he's Just handsome in general ๐Ÿ˜
ilhoon has the swag...but SSSOOOO many colours! just no...
I can't with the video... Just watching Ilhoon bouncing around with that smile on his face... It's too cute!
@StephanieDuong He really can. He wears the bad outfits with so much swagger and confidence that you realize it's not so bad. And the good outfits just look that much better. I'm pretty sure he could rock a potato sack and somehow make it look fashionable. And you know there would be fans all over the place in a hurry to get their hands on a bag of potatoes.
I totally agree with you with everything in this card. Haha. But honestly, Ilhoon can rock anything! (*^โ–ฝ^*)