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Genre: Angst, Vampire AU
Pairing: Reader x Jungkook (or is it)
Length: 2020 words
Summary: Love bites? Like hell it does.
Part: 7/?
A/N: For those of you wondering, the first fic i’m going to do from the list (once bite me is finished) is gonna be the spy/hostage! au (#9) and I think it’s gonna be a reader x namjoon pairing, so stay tuned. it’s gonna be out once i reach my next milestone :)
“I’m not gonna tell you again, bitch”, Jackson growled. “Walk faster.”
“I would if you hadn’t broken my foot, you fucking idiot”, I snapped right back, eyes flashing at his tone. I had been limping on a broken foot for around five minutes. I told him if we stopped for a couple of minutes, the foot could heal and we could walk faster, but he wasn’t listening.
I was beyond mad. Bangtan had stuck to their word and been useless, and now Jackson was gonna take me somewhere and probably beat me to death.
“Don’t take that tone with me or I’ll snap your neck”, he threatened.
“Oh yeah, that’s really gonna make me go faster”, I commented, rolling my eyes. I hissed in pain when he struck my back with the flat side of the knife.
“No one has killed me for centuries”, he spoke darkly. “No one. Bar that time I was burned at the stake in 1742. How the fuck did you, a two day old hybrid, have the strength to do that to me?”
I didn’t know. I was more shocked b the fact that Jackson had been around since the 1700′s. “I don’t know, OK? What are you gonna do to me?”
He pondered for a bit. “Well first I’m gonna tie you up, so you can’t move...”
“My, that sounds awfully kinky”, I commented, interrupting his thoughts. “Then, I’m gonna pierce your skin with this very knife. And when you’re weak and begging for mercy, I’ll end you. I rather like being the only hybrid kill my vibe.”
“Wow. That sounds fun”, I replied sarcastically. We finally got to an old manor house- very similar to the Bangtan’s- and he dragged me in. “Fellow brothers!”, his voice boomed through the eerie buildings. “I am home!”
6 vampires turned up in a heartbeat. I recognised Mark and Junior, but had no idea who the rest of them were. “I’m sure Mark and Junior told you your what happened.” The four strangers nodded, all of their eyes on me.
I could finally feel my floor healing as I stood there awkwardly, waiting for Jackson to speak again. “I’m gonna tie you up, you could easily fight the rest of them”, Jackson mumbled.
I mentally cursed as he pulled me towards what I assumed to be a basement door. And it was. This house had a similar layout to the other one- maybe that meant the backdoor was also in the same place? Maybe I could get out of here.
Once down, I immediately saw the heavy chains and stiffened. Jackson laughed at my response. “You won’t be able to get out of these Princess, I can assure you.”
“Why are you doing this? I really don’t get it. Why don’t you just kill me?”
He chuckled darkly, latching the cuffs onto my wrists and ankles. “Because Princess, dying is the easy way out. Anyway, we’ll make sure you have fun, you know? Live a little! No pun intended.”
As he secured the chains, he slammed me back , so my head hit the concrete wall. I felt white hot pain shoot through my head and groaned at the sensation. “See you later, Princess”, he grinned.
As soon as he shut the basement door behind him, I started struggling with the chains. They really were unbreakable. I used all my strength, but I couldn’t get them to give away. I sighed. I should have just gone with Jackson rather than kill him- but hindsight was a wonderful thing.
Above me, I could hear Jackson talking to his little group. “...And you Yugyeom, you’re gonna be in charge of giving her blood. Not a lot, just enough to keep her from losing consciousness...”
I sighed heavily, and Jackson stopped talking for a moment before continuing- he had probably heard me. I looked around the dank room in despair. There was nothing in here. I could hear a rat somewhere but that was about it.
Each passing second got harder and harder to bear, and I felt myself growing weaker. I didn’t know if it was my lack of food, or the chains, but I felt dizzy. I was delirious within just hours, panting and sweating. The dim light caused my pupils to dilate.
I tried pulling at the chains again, but of course to no avail. “Jackson!”, I yelled, with little option but to just straight out beg. He was down in seconds, a glint in his eye as he saw what a mess I was already. I hissed at the unwelcome sharp light that flooded the room when the door opened.
“You proved your point, please take these chains off.”
He laughed at that. “Princess, we haven’t even got started yet!”
My eyes rolled at the back of my head, but quickly focused on him. “Why do I...why do I feel so weak? All you’ve done is chain me”, I rasped.
“Ah. You see Princess, these aren’t just any old chains. They’re coated in a venom that weakens vampires. It takes half an hour for normal vampires to feel its effects, but it’s taken you...”, he checked his watch, “6 hours.”
My eyes widened. “6 hours? What the hell?”
“Shh Princess”, he lunged forward, holding a finger to my lips. “Everyone’s asleep, you’ll wake them.”
“Why aren’t you asleep?”
“I was worried a Bangtan might come here”, he admitted. “But if they were coming they’d be here by now, so I think we’re in the clear.” My shoulders slumped as I realised he was right. No one was coming for me.
When he got no other response from me he turned and started to walk away. “Wait, Jackson, please. Don’t leave me like this.”
He smirked. “Not so cocky now, are you? I’ll decide what’s happening in the morning Princess. Good night.”
“Fuck!” I yelled in annoyance, not giving a shit about anyone sleeping. I heard Jackson chuckle and that only riled me further.
Another couple of hours past when I heard something peculiar. It sounded like the front door was being opened...but that couldn’t be it. Who would be coming or going at this hour? Maybe it was just a bedroom door and someone was walking around the house.
Or maybe I was hallucinating. Didn’t affect me either way.
But I heard footsteps walking around in circles on the floor above. My eyes followed the noise and my breath hitched when said footsteps came to a stop outside the basement door. In the dim light, I saw a silhouette open and close the basement door, now inside.
“Jackson?”, I tentatively called out.
The silhouette shot across the room and firmly clamped a hand over my mouth. My eyes widened when I saw who it was. Yup, this is definitely a hallucination.

Namjoon’s POV

Yoongi came into Namjoon’s room looking miserable. He refused to make eye contact. “Hyung, you look troubled.”
“Jackson took her.”
Namjoon frowned. “ planned.”
“Namjoon, he’s gonna hurt her.”
“I’m not Jungkook, hyung. You don’t have to pretend to give a shit about her.”
Yoongi’s eyes snapped up. “We just handed a two day old vampire to a psychotic bastard. Just like that.”
“You were the only one voicing the fact that you wanted her gone this morning, Yoongi hyung”, Namjoon reminded him sternly. “We didn’t have to hand her over. Jungkook was right- we could have just dealt with his men one by one. Why are you getting cold feet now?”
“There’s a difference between wanting her gone and wanting her dead Namjoon. If I wanted her dead, I would have left her in the sun, or let you strangle her, and I didn’t.”
“Well it’s too late now, hyung. You know stepping into Wang’s territory would be suicide.”
“You weren’t saying that when you went to try and rescue Ailee”, Yoongi snapped at him. Namjoon’s eyes flashed red in anger. He had known Ailee for much much longer than just a measly two days. She had been worth fighting for.
Namjoon pinched the bridge of his nose. “What;s done is done hyung, I’m not going to argue with you. I’m going to have to calm Jungkook as well, and I can’t be dealing with your tantrums on top of that.”
Without a word, his hyung stormed out, clearly unhappy with how that conversation had turned out. Namjoon stared at where he had been stood in confusion. What the hell was up with him?

Jin’s POV

Jin walked in on Yoongi pacing in the living room, looking somewhat distraught. He stopped when he spotted Jin. “Hyung, you’re still up? Thought you were asleep.”
“I kept hearing thuds”, Jin replied, eyeing him curiously, “So I came down to see what it was.”
Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “Sorry.”
But he offered no explanation. “How’s Jungkook faring?”
Jin shrugged. “I don’t know, he refuses to leave his room. What’s going on Yoongi? Why are you behaving like this?”
Nervousness was not a typical trait of his, so Jin knew something was up.
“It’s just that...we gave y/n to him...just like that.” Ah. So this was about y/n. Jin had to admit, he was mildly surprised Yoongi even cared, but he didn’t say anything.
“But...isn’t that what you wanted, Yoongi? Just this morning you said-”
“-I know what I said. But that’s not what I’m saying now.”
“Well, what are you saying now?”
“Hyung...we should get her back.” Jin’s eyes widened at what Yoongi was suggesting. “Yoongi, that is crazy talk. Dealing with Jackson is bad enough...but a pissed Jackson who has just been resuscitated? I think I’ll pass. Not to mention, y/n probably doesn’t want to see any of us- we just abandoned her to save ourselves, remember?”
Jin was being logical, but he knew Yoongi wasn’t listening. “We’re still better than him!”
“What’s going on down there?!” Both boys stopped talking at the sound of Taehyung bellowing from upstairs. “Nothing!”, both boys replied simultaneously.
“Listen to me hyung”, Yoongi tried again, speaking at a lower volume. “This is unjust. Y/n has no chance over there.”
Jin shut his eyes, more in concentration than annoyance. This was strange. Yoongi didn’t give a shit about anything. This morning, he was the only one saying she should sort out the problem because she caused it. So what had changed? Did he...? No, he couldn’t like her.
She was Jungkook’s wasn’t she? Even though Yoongi had played a part in turning her. He opened his eyes. His head was starting to hurt. “Yoongi. The best think for you to do right now wold be to sleep. And we can all discuss this is the morning.” And with that Jin turned on his heel and walked away.
So y/n managed to somehow change Yoongi’s mindset. Huh. Go figure.

Jungkook’s POV

Jungkook was furious. He never ever felt properly violent towards his hyungs, but he wanted nothing more than to march over to Yoongi hyung and snap his neck.
His y/n was probably being tortured right now, but what the hell could he do? If Namjoon hyung couldn’t fight Jackson, then Jungkook knew he had no chance. He clenched his jaw in annoyance. Namjoon and Jin had coaxed him to come out but he ignored them.
Granted they were strong enough to rip the door off its hinges, and Jungkook was glad they hadn’t. He heard a final “We’ll talk in the morning”, from Namjoon before the two of them disappeared.
The morning. He would tr and convince them to help y/n then. But for now...all he could do was hope that Jackson was feeling kind.

Y/n’s POV

I shook my head violently, wanting the mirage in front of me to disappear but it wouldn’t. Why would my mind show me this, of all faces?
He leaned in and whispered, almost inaudibly, “Yes I’m really here. Don’t worry, I’ll get you out.”
All I could do was open and close my mouth like a goldfish, before I finally whispered “Yoongi.”
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I legit stopped everything that I was doing and started reading!! I'm pretty sure y/n will end up with Yoongi. Well I hope so.
aww shit! Mr. Yoongi-steal-your-girl is back at it again!! This is why your stories are amazing.
@Isolate oh I like the way you think, you're being smart😂
ohmy gawd yooongiiii! took you long enuf man! but dude why you gotta set your eyes on jungkook's girl xD you're even rescuing her before he does xD it's quite sad xD
@DasiaB I know 😭😭😭😭 omg maybe hell find some one idk I guess we'll see
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