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After watching this 3.5 hrs concert shinee has become my fav Kpop Group.. This was amazing from beginning to end.. They where so Amazing from the first Song til the last.
I've watched alot of concerts and I thought the TVXQ was the best one I had seen til I saw this one of you haven't watched it then I Mos Def recommend it to any Shawol or non Shawol looking for a fun show to watch.
Here's the full concert on YouTube. There are a couple spots where the sounds goes very quiet bit otherwise it is great and it's In HD so enjoy all the lovely close ups amazing camera angles.
My fav Outfits from the show.. They all look amazing in their black suits.
OMG I know right I swear I was drooling through the whole show....
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glad we can pull you in Xd
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