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Where does priestess shion live? A) Land of Crows B) Land of Demons C) Land of Flowers D) Land of Snow Extra question: What did she tell Naruto would happen to him at the end ?
What is this mans name ? A) Yuziki B) Tano C) Abot D) Tenji Extra Question: What is his relationship with Kaguya? This is a filler and I know alot of you complain about them or don't watch them so I should be expecting some wrong answers
Question #13's Answer: Hiruzen Sarutobi
D AND D. The first extra question answer is that he was gonna die and the second is they were lovers I believe
D and I don't know the extra question
b, he was going to die, d and idk
D. She told Naruto that he was going to die D. idk I just guessed
B I think it was that he was gonna die D the baby daddy lol
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