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~(Lavi POV)~

Mom basically admitted she didn't approve of Simon being my boyfriend. Her reasons being that he as was my brother's age. Giving us a seven year ago gap between us. I honestly wouldn't care what she though about my partner, but they had business together.
I didn't want to be the reason she used her CEO power to break contract with AOMG. Plus, until my sister became the new CEO, I had to listen to my mother. She was the only person that could boss around the Chief of Security.
"So what are you saying? I am not allow to date Simon?" She smiled at me, but I knew that smile all too well. It was her answer to my question and I pulled away from Simon's hold. He looked dumbfounded just like the rest of them all. I rubbed the bridge of my nose, whilst signing under my breath.
"That's my girl." She patted my head lightly as I pushed her arm away from me lightly. "Let get this clear, this is against my own will. I just don't want business between the companies to be effected, because I fell in love with Simon."
My mother laughed as she fixed her hair. "Love? Child you don't know what love is. You're my little robot." She pinched my check, as I bit my tongue so I wouldn't growl at her comment. "Your Asperger Autism makes sure of that."
I glared at her and let the growl slip from under my breath. "Don't you dare hiss at me child." She slap me across the face, as I just stood there and took in the full impact. "Now get your ass to the company. I will send over a better manager than you."
I felt humiliate as I looked up at them all. They all seem confused and in disbelief it was happening. I didn't know how to go about any of this, though my world was starting to feel unstable. "Now go." She pointed in direction of the exit, and I hesitantly went towards him.
"Isabella Ryan, this child is not under your command. You gave up power over her and sole custody of her to me." Everyone looked up to see my father in the doorway, stopping me from leaving.
"Plus you had no right to expose something so personal to these people." My parents were divorce, mainly because of me. My mother didn't know how to handle me, and gave up on me when I was seven.
She put all her love and focus on my little brother, older brother and older sister. I was the outcast among them, when it came to mother. My father though loved all of us equally. He even took his time and learn with me out to deal with my mental condition.
They were already distancing themselves from each other once my little brother was three years old. "Her what ever this with the man that could be your son, can conflict with my business. And as long as she works for my company, I can tell her what to do and when to do it, Adolfo Ryan."
Chase grabbed my arm and pulled me towards Jay. "How about you two talk about it, while I have a talk with my friend here." Jay took me into his and Chase studio, and closed the door behind us.
"Lavi, talk to me. I can see you're torn in the middle, and a bit embarrass due to your mother slapping you." I just lay down on the couch against the wall. "I want to sleep right now... cry myself to sleep. Until my world is stable again."
Jay sat beside me and patted my shoulder lightly. "Still need to talk one on one, but for now. Sleep, I will help you out." I looked over at Jay as my vision blurred a bit. "I don't want to leave Simon. I just got him."
He pet my head, lightly and shush me as I felt my body relax and drift to sleep. I was glad for Jay pulling me away from all that chaos. Made me feel like my older brother was here. I was missing him so much right now. He was my stable ground, that help me keep everything in check.
Since my mother was the only one that can shatter everything. Right now, all I had was Jay, and I was grateful. No wonder AOMG was feeling like home. This company was becoming my new stable ground. My home away from home, an I couldn't image being taken away from them completely.
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holy shitballs!! ::in my Hobi voice:: Oh my heart, my heart!!
holy double shit I had liked the mom for a few and then she does this nope she a evil mom
wow it's scary that I see my mom in this woman... I feel sorry for lavi. what's with parents and thinking they know best about their child's life. if you know so much your life wouldn't be the way it is.
How about she quits her mother's company and just gets hired full time at AOMG? 😏 Problem solved 😆. I thought she was a strong mother not an evil mother 😐.
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