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안녕하세요 친구!

Welcome lovely Melodies to another Peniel's Day. Since it's a theme week our lovely boys are doing worst and best outfits. I just choose a few for my card. **I am apologizing in advance since I'm in the mist of spending time with my family whom I haven't seen in years and with my packing for kcon tomorrow.** Enough of nonsense info let's get on with our lovely Chi Town Peniel Bae. (all in my opinion, for some it will be different)
Worst This.Is.All.Over.The.Fashion.Scale.Of.Don't I do like the beanie though....maybe
Worse So it looked great at first but then I see the shirt that looks like starry night and it reminded me of a dress I own. Another no-no I do love love his hair though, just sad they put him in this dress with leather.
Better His clean cut look for this Era was could be bc he was younger but I adore it. (Plus I low key love skulls..reminds me what I studied)
Best The Winter Tale Era....he just dressed as the perfect comfy, cozy up to boyfriend look going on. Just yassss. It's quirky and I love it.
Winner look. Remember That...this Chi Town Peniel Bae is just rocking the white, the hat, the barret and that little something blue. It's great. I've done the unforgettable and feel in love with this look and Era and of course Peniel. \ㅠㅠ/
The worst pic... OMG! What was their stylist thinking? *facepalm* I love him best with hair and I'm not a huge fan of him in a hat. But he looks great in most of the clothes we wears. That first one though... like you said, it's all over the place!
the hat though! i cant do Peniel in no. That winter look is fab!
I agree with you with all of these. lol. xD
peniel was my first bias