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DAY 1 - First drama you watched?

One day, I was on Netflix trying to look for something to watch and my eyes caught the Korean Drama known as "Playful Kiss". After I read the synopsis for it, I realized the plot was very familiar to me so I googled it and found out that it is based of the anime and manga called "Itazura Na Kiss". I watched the anime a few years ago, so I decided to give the drama a try and I slowly started to fall more in love with it and the main character very fast.
Most people's 1st Asian drama is either Playful Kiss or Boys Over Flowers, majority is Boys Over Flowers which isn't surprising because that was my 2nd drama. It's also on Netflix and that's the reason I watched it.


Since I fell in love with Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss, I wanted to know what else he acted in and found out that he played in Boys Over Flowers so I watched that but actually fell more in love with Lee Min Ho. Which lead me to more dramas, I downloaded Viki and Dramafever, my drama knowledge grew and my love for dramas grew with it.
After watching Playful Kiss and awhile down the road, I found out that there were other versions of Itazura Na Kiss.
Then I watched my first Japanese drama called "Mischievous Kiss", my first Taiwanese drama called "It Started With A Kiss" and my first Thai drama called "Kiss Me". All being different versions of the manga. BTW my favorite from the 4 is a tie between Kiss Me and ISWAK, so much chemistry and so cute!!!
To be honest, Playful Kiss was my least favorite version from them all. It was good but too short, I wanted to see more. But, I did like the rain kiss the best in the Korean version. It was just really perfect and not awkward at all.
In the Japanese version, that kiss is kind of awkward to me, the Taiwanese version seemed force and wasn't romantic because his hair was so long that it just flung everywhere into her face, and the Thai version didn't have a rain kiss but had a lot more cute kiss scenes in it.
I think that the Thai version was the most different plot wise and gave me a different view of the drama which I loved. It has a unique flavor that drives you to continue watching and plus it is supposedly getting a 2nd season sometime in 2016 called Kiss Me Again! I can't wait for it!!!

I encourage all of you to play along by making your own cards or answer in the comments, what was YOUR 1st drama you watched!

Let me know! ^.^~
My first drama was Flower Boy Raymun Shop and that's when the magic started lol
My first k drama was heartstrings and from then on I started following jung hwa and shin hye馃挄 which lead me to jong Suk and min ho and so on. . . . lol
A student of my husband's once posted a pic of BOF on her FB wall which got me intrigued. I searched for the names mentioned in the comments section and found Kim Bum's name. Further googling and I finally found BOF!! But as it was taking forever to download, I searched for other popular k-dramas and came across Coffee Prince. It downloaded easily, so I watched Coffee Prince first and then BOF!! And after that, an addiction took over me!!!
@SandraPanda lol makes sense, that's how the addiction starts...
@mistymaity That's an interesting story, Coffee Prince is another drama that most people have seen first and it's amazing!
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