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Kai X Reader
Warning: Language
A/N: Sorry for the long wait. I have been working on my other fan fics and a had writer block. I hope you enjoyed reading
So Jongin this hanging out with the guys”. He was shocked I was there “Baby why you are here?” he said. “Don’t baby me?” I spat. “How could you cheat on me? And what worst it was with the same slut who cheated on you.”
“Slut, who are you calling a slut? I can’t help he wanted me back. I guess you weren’t good enough” Kate said with a smirk on her face. She turned to him and kissed him. At this point I a pissed and have had it with her bull shit. I pulled her away from him by her hair. Once I had a good grip I wrapped it around my wrist. She tried to swing but she kept missing. I then repeated to punch her in the head. Jongin tried to pull me off of her, but I elbowed him to get him from touching me. Xiumin and Suho came and pulled me off of her. After they got me away from her I had pull out her hair.
I yelled, “Bitch you are so lucky. I know you were the one who put glass in my slippers.” I drop her hair on the ground. As she is getting up off the ground she confessed. Yep I did it and I will do it again. The shock on Jongin face was priceless.” I told you she did it but you didn’t believe me.” His face turned from shock to pure anger. “You did what?!” he said to Kate. She responds and says, “I-I did it to get you back. Kai you said you were still I love with me.” She grabs his arm but he snatches away from her. I then leave the
auditorium. As I am leaving I here him yell “Don’t touch me, you sabotage my girlfriend.”
“Yah Y/N wait.”
Jongin POV
How could I be so stupid? I was so naïve. I believed everything she told me.
“Yah wait.” She stops.
“What” she turns with tears in her eyes.
“Can we talk? “
“There nothing to talk about. You abandon your hurt girlfriend for weeks. Lied to her and cheated. What left to talk about?”
“I just, I’m sorry” She cuts me off.
“Save you’re sorry. I won’t help the way I’m feeling right now. We’re through. Delete my number don’t call or text me. Have a nice career.” She walks away.
“Wait don’t say that.” She keeps walking
“Aish!” I yell out. I hurt her and now we are through. Her word constantly ring in my head. Chanyeol comes out and says practice was about start.
After leaving the school I went straight home. I stayed in my room. I felt numb to the world. I cried so much. How could he do this? He has been cheated on before, he should know how it feels. He was so damn dumb he cheated with the person who hurtled him the most. I cried and became enraged just thinking about the thing they did behind my back. I eventually fall asleep.
I wake up and look at the clock it said 8:30. I then look at my phone and I had 7 missed calls and 12 new text messages. I read through the messages.
“Please answer the phone”
“I’m sorry”
“I fucked up. Let’s just talk through it.”
As I’m reading his message I hear a knock at the door. I get up to answer it.
“Who is it?”
“What do you want?”
“To talk. Open the door”
“No I don’t want to talk to you”
He bangs against the door. He became frustrated and annoyed. He yells, “Open the damn door.” He continuously banged on the door.
“Jongin stop! You are going to disturb the neighbors.” He didn’t he yelled louder.
"Yah open the fucking door."
I hear the neighbors come in the hall telling him to be quiet. He told them to piss off. He start to argue with one of them. I then quickly open up the door and pull him inside my apartment. Then I bow and apologize for the disturbance and reenter my apartment. I close the door behind me and as soon as I turn around he hugs me. I tried to push him away but he tighten his grip around me. He reeked of alcohol.
“Don’t touch me” he lets me go.
I walk away and go in my room and get a pillow and blanket and put it on the chair.
“Here sleep on the couch. You’re drunk. We will talk in the morning. I didn’t stay around him to hear his response. I go in my room and close and lock the door.
The next morning…
I wake up from a knock. It was Jongin asking for aspirin. It given it to he and he asked
“Can we talk now. I sit in the lazy boy while he sat on the couch.
“First I want to say I am sorry. I was dumb and you didn’t deserve it. I know I can take back what I did but can’t we work this out.
“I don’t know can we. “Tear fill my eyes. “You abandon me for weeks after I told you about Kate. I was hurt and lonely I only wanted you. Tell me something did I do something to push you away.”
“No It just…”
Just what?
I felt you were becoming needy and depressed. I felt that you were taking your frustrations out on me. We started to fight more. I just wanted to get away.
“Away! Away from what me, our relationship. That’s what you did when you cheated. Yes I was pissed. In one moment I lost everything my future and my chance to dance all at once. What worst about it I didn’t cause it. It was that selfish and spiteful bitch Kate.”
He looks at the ground and remains silent. I continue to talk. "Why would you cheat on me and you know how it feels?"
He kneels and front of me and starts to weep. “Baby I’m sorry Please forgive me”
After a few moments of silence. I say hesitantly," I forgive you but we can’t be together anymore."
“Why not?”
“Because after one fight you cheated on me. I can’t trust it won’t happen again if we fight. Sorry”
I place one hand on his cheek and use my thumb to wipe away his tears.
With a sigh he says “ok”
He stand up and walks towards the door. I follow behind him. He opens the door and before stepping out he turns toward me and asks, “Can I have one last kiss? I oblige him.
The last kiss we will ever share. It was not the others we shared. It contained our love we ad for each other. Our journey together. Our tongue intertwine. We pull away from each other I was holding back my tears. He kiss my forehead and says “I will always love you.” Then he walk out the door way. As soon as the closes I break down crying. I will never forget my first love.
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