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This card is a bit random but thank you if you read it anyway (:

---*whining* (feel free to skip this) ---

I'm not sure how to put the entirety of my thoughts into words, but I'll try. Lately, I've realized that I see the members of Bangtan as men. As in, guys that I have a chance with... It's annoying. e.g. every time I see that twitter vid of Jungkook with "Boom Clap" in the background I yell a little Seeing them makes me incredibly happy and hopeful but I know my chances are actually pretty slim (trying to be realistic here). They just keep on wrecking me!! -_- These fangirl feels have evolved too much; please, stop giving me hope!!! >> ...This reminds me of whenever I got a crush in school. I'd try to break my own heart as soon as I realized it since I have a hard time focusing with a crush always on my mind.

------TL;DR: BTS makes me fangirl so much and I'm tired of it------

Okay, the real reason for this card!

How do you pick your biases for groups?

Personally, I go straight to their music (Soundcloud♡) and listen for a part that I like. Then I look up a lyrics video of the song online to find who sings/raps that part and charaaan!~ Bias found! (: I also listen to other songs to make sure that I like his sound. Personality comes into play later if I decide to get more into the group. I started using this method after I found BTS, the group that gifted me my 1st bias ever. I picked V at the time based on people's comments.

That's how I do it. What about you?

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I see BTS as boys
Voices, I hear a voice and when I like it, I go on a mission to find out who, and I'll find anything and everything about them. And that's when their personality comes into play and I've found that I pick the dorks, the goof balls, the funny ones. Then the dancers, I can't dance at all and I love watching people dance and how easy they make it seem I view it as beautiful art. Now some groups I can find a bias quickly, but there is only one UB and that's Key! But then their are other groups it's like "Bias? What's that I can't even begin to pick a bias in this group" So I'll bias all members and put them in a rotating list. BTS, FT Island, Super Junior, History, just to name a few groups that I have problem with a bias in
whoever makes me cry first wins.
@180cme if that were the case, J-hope would be my bias :o
I mean, he makes me cry every other day. But I thank God for the sun.