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kinda screamed at this picture when scrolling through Instagram's feed >.>
okay, can we just talk about how freaking he's slaying his eye-shadow.
ps: did you know this is not Taeyong's real skin colour...
pps: this, my friend, is Taeyong's real skin colour
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he's extremely handsome without all the glam. Not bad at all also I prefer the tanned look to the whiter tone(my personal opinion) but either way he's a Heartbreaker
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@LunaCordero i agree.
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I hate that they white wash all of the idols, @LunaCordero I agree with you on the preferences alas south Korea does not
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@kisashimizu16 yea I know Like N from VIXX holy lord that man melts my heart and Kai from Exo sweet geezus and V And I'm rambling
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