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Anime Challenge: Me
Alright guys going all out here so brace yourselves :P
I generally change my hair out all the time growing it out to a pony tail and then cutting it all off and spiking it short.
I've attempted cosplaying since highschool and have created my own stuff such as Batman Beyond (uber crappy but my first), and then my own original character, an Egyptian Jedi~
Let's not forget my passion for neon lights, raving, and my Toothless hoodie~
Last year I created my personal power ranger suit from my own designed series: Power Rangers Sacred night, where me and a friend created the helmet and attempted the chest piece. After all that I ended up just going with my second cosplay as Kirito for the entire con (last time I'll ever do that haha)
and for all my Fairy Tail fans out there I figured you guys would love this. These guys were awesome and extremely nice. The more the merrier when it comes to cosplaying
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@xxreacti0nxx likewise haha
a year ago·Reply
I was thinking the same thing
a year ago·Reply
I'm putting together a laughing coffin design right now
a year ago·Reply
@nicocoup definitely post pics when you're done
a year ago·Reply
@Imagide yeah, it'll be a while. this is my first eva foam experience
a year ago·Reply