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I'm sort of proud of this one. For those of you that play, have played, or watch people play this game. No hateful comments, please. But you are free to point out mistakes. It'll just help me do better. ^^ If you have any drawing requests, comment down below any character and I'll do my best. (If you do have any requests, and I'm able to draw it, I'll mention you in that card so you can see it. ^-^)
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@SimplyAwkward It has small jump scares. I wouldn't say scary, more like creepy and somewhat disturbing.
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Draw Akaashi from Haikyuu please!😊
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You're drawings are nice
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@AngelesFraga I'll do my best once I get the chance. ^-^ Thank you!
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@AnimeAddixtion I'll be looking forward to it😁
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