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Part 5 Warning: Language, alcohol and drug use ° 《-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.¤♡¤-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-》 ° I saw the call was from someone important but to be honest I don't they are anymore.... "Y/N..." He breathed over the phone. It was the same smooth voice that used to soothed me whenever I was stressed. "Do-yun..."I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. "What do you want?" Ji-yong was watching me trying to find out what was going on. "Joo-so told me you guys haven't talk for months. He wanted me to check up on you so I went to your work, I mean where you used to work. What the hell happened? He told me a little but said you would have to tell me the rest." Why the fuck would he tell my ex to check up on me?? "What do you want me to tell you? That I lost my job, got addicted to drugs after getting over a drinking problem our breakup caused and I met met someone fell in love and now we're both fucked?" I ranted irritated at the thought of Joo-so ever thinking my ex talking to me was a good answer. It was a problem... Ji-yong and I kept getting irritated at everyone in the world for the smallest things because 'only we could understand each other' even though we both knew we just didn't want help. "I'm so sorry, Y/N. Do you wanna meet up and talk about it? You can bring your boyfriend too. I'll bring Joo-so and that girl from where you used to work. They both really miss you." "Since when do you care? Didn't you leave me?" With this Ji-yong tensed up, he knew I was talking to my ex. "Y/N, I've always cared. Just because we didn't work out in a romantic relationship doesn't mean we weren't or aren't good friends. Please... let me help you. Based on what you said, you aren't going to have a place to live much longer and I don't want that for you." I sighed. "Fine... text me the details of the meet up." "Okay! Bye, Y/N." I hung up and explained the plan to Ji-yong who after much convincing agreed. "Fine, but no matter what we stick together. Okay? I don't know any of these people." I nodded. "Of course, why wouldn't we?" "No reason... I just want to be safe." "O-okay?" (Time skip) "Y/N! I'm really happy you came." Do-yun said as I entered the house. "You must be Ji-yong." He smiled holding out his hand. He took it. "And you must be Do-yun. Nice to meet you." "Likewise. Now let's go to the others in the living room.".I nodded taking a deep breath. "You okay?" Ji-yong whispered in my ear. "Yeah..." I answered grabbing his hand. As we entered everyone stopped talking and just stared as we sat down opposite of them. The tension was undeniable as Joo-so wouldn't even look me in the eyes. He kept his head down lifting then up occasionally. "Ahem." Do-yun cleared his throat. "Yeji... would you please?" He gestured towards her as she nodded. "Y/N..." Her voice cracked a she tried holding back tears. "You're like my younger sister..." she sobbed. "I can't lose you! And what you're doing..." a tear slipped as she pointed to me. "You're fucking everyone over! Especially yourself." Bu now her tears were a waterfall flowing freely. "I feel like I was the one that failed you..." Her voice died down. "If not for anyone here... what my daughter? She looks up to you..." she whispered. "Ye-" I started before she cut me off. "Would you want my daughter to be where you are? Not having a job, ruining her life? Because she loves you so much I feel of she found out what's been happening to you she would follow and I can't let that happen." Her tears had dried now as she stared me dead in the eye. "Okay... Joo-so, you go." Do-yun said nudging him. He didn't budge, keeping his head down as he took a deep breath sitting up before leaning back. He just stared with pity which was starting to irk me. Ji-yong felt me tense and held my hand tighter. "You..." in a split second a murderous look replaced a pity one as he pointedto Ji-yong who just put his head down. "You fucked her up. It's YOUR fault." He turned his head towards me. "And why the fuck did you blindly go along with every fucking thing?? I know you knew what the hell was going on, so why the fuck did you just let all this shit happen?" I opened my mouth to answer but he beat me to it. "DON'T YOU DARE... DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE BLAME THAT DAMN BREAK UP." he spat venomously. I closed my mouth looking down holding back tears, he never talked to me like this. Yet at the same time I knew I deserved it... I didn't even have an answer for him. "Because I was the only one who was actually helping her." I heard Ji-yong say before I lifted my head up and saw them standing toe to toe. "I made her feel how you wish you could." He pushed his finger into Joo-so's chest. "I made her feel good, happy while you did nothing." Joo-so laughed, "Do you think i like her like that or something?" "No but you do feel useless. You're jealous because while he best friend couldn't do anything to help, a stranger could." "But in the end who destroyed her life?" Joo-so cocked an eyebrow. "Who was the one that screwed both of you over?" Ji-yong had a face of realization as he sat down. "I did." "Exactly." He sighed. "Now you're both going to a rehab facility in a few days or I'll kill you myself." - - - After a few years they both ended up clean. Y/N got her job back, Ji-yong found a job and they stayed together eventually getting married. Joo-so kept a close eye to make sure they didn't try and use drugs again. Joo-so got married to someone and Yeji allowed Y/N to come over again. ° 《-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.¤♡¤-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-》 °
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