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If this boy doesn't stop I will be dead by the end of this card. Anyway Since June recently changed his hair once again I thought I would make this card about all his different colors.
June and his black hair....
June and that blonde though... * Waves to soul as it passes in front on eyes*
The not fully blonde nor brown look.
June and strawberry blonde hair.. * dies because this is my natural hair color*
June and brown hair.
* Bonus* June in a wig xD
Which one is your favorite I can't pick I love them all and think he looks good in every color! <3 * maybe i am a little biased*
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
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My favorite June's hair color would be black. I know That's plain but he works it. ❤
a year ago·Reply
My favorite is the white hair...or at least it was until I saw the strwberry blonde hair. Now im not so sure lolXD
a year ago·Reply
ugh white hair he looks damn sexy lol
a year ago·Reply
he looks sexy in all, but my fave look on him so far, strawberry blond, damn he's fine
a year ago·Reply
I love the black but blonde is definitely the most lethal! <3
a year ago·Reply