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Hello all I hope your having a wonderful day maybe you took a break from Pokemon Go adventure to check in on your Nakama! For that we thank and salute you best wishes on your adventures. The manga challenge continues on and today I acknowledge my favorite manga character which is.....

Yoh Asakura: Shaman King

Easy choice for me because I love love LOVE Shaman King the manga and Yoh was easily the first character who came to mind. Why though? Yoh is the first character I ever saw that broke the staple of what a main character was. He wasn't a never give up Naruto, a live wire Natsu, the rescue my friends Ichigo, the save the day Kirito, the reserved Nagisa, or the jut for the thrill of fighting Goku. No Yoh was a chilled laid back character who fought when presented with challenged then moved on. Now he does like any MC have to get stronger which he does but even in doing so it wasn't entirely based on him getting stronger it was so his spirit Amidamaru had a weapon HE could properly fight with not Yoh. While on the subject Yoh's relationship with Amidamaru comes off about as genuine as Natsu and Happy, you can tell their more than weapon and master or power and controller they get along, have banter together and genuinely both want to make Yoh the Shaman King. That's also what makes Yoh somewhat original is his reason for becoming the Shaman King he just doesn't want the bad guy to be the Shaman King THAT'S LITERALLY IT!? yup he just doesn't want the bad guy to have immense power and no restraint in using said powers....I love it. During their journey it's shown to Yoh quite often that he and Amidamaru are far under the power of Hao Asakura Yoh's twin and even decide to give up on beating him before the Shaman Fight finals and try to kill him in his sleep. Yoh was the first MC I've ever seen who knew what a wall was and realized he couldn't climb it respect to the writers for doing that. Yoh in general is an awesome character from his laid back attitude and chill vibes to him getting destroyed by two friends and saying "it's no big deal" Yoh is awesome as hell and I hope there are more characters like him in the future.

Honorable Mention- Alibaba Saluja:Magi

I love Alibaba's character it progressed in a way I didn't expect being I expected Aladdin to be the main character after some episodes on crunchyroll but yeah to my surprise he was an amazing character who developed quite well. One to always better himself but never for glory but to help those who are asking for it. Whether to protect his best friend or a country Alibaba would get stronger if he's outclassed and can't win said fight he has to get smarter Alibaba is a great example of getting better while also being held back (some progression could have been better honestly) Alibaba is a bad ass through and through and if you've been keeping up with the manga like you know that brother can't even be touched now xD
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@SimplyAwkward Yeah it was good for what they did :3 it was also one of my first :3