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If you recall in 2014, Thai exo-cover group, Millenium Boy, aka EXO-T (named by their fans) has been under fire for crossing the fine line between cover and plagiarism. The boys started off as a simple cover group but found themselves profiting off the fame of their EXO-inspired designs (logo, group photo, style and marketing collateral). The group apologized to SM ENT and changed their logo.
Despite, precedent result from the Millenium Boy other cover group continue to repeat the mistake. Recently, a performance flyer went viral online in Weibo showing what seems to be impersonating 'WINNER'. The guys in the flyer poses with the same concept and style as YG's original group. They also falsified their experience and held a concert at at a Max Club & Disco in Liuzhou, China. Do you think these guys are taking it too far?
Its a cover group yes, but they are taking the original group's logos and all that. I mean you must REALLY want to be them if you do that..
I remember that with the Exo, yeah they need to stop, if they want to be a real group, they should find an entertainment company.
yeah they're taking it a bit too far
wow, that's just wow. I've seen some of their performances and their not bad dancers so they don't need to be falsifying their experience
@takenbykpop OK I see...
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