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Please help! Can someone tell me what these pictures are from?
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She was pretty is a really good drama
Siwom was very hilarious
Choi Siwon was hilarious in this kdrama, really had fun watching it.
A drama called She Was Pretty and it's soooooo good!!!!!! Trust me the twist at the end will really get u!!!
She Was Pretty. It's about a one pretty and smart girl who turned into a poor and ugly woman and a smart yet ugly boy who turned into a successful and very handsome man who reunite their friendship after she returns to her workplace as an magazine editor (I believe that is her job but I'm not too sure). The man develops feelings for the woman and their friendly relationship goes up to another level. The woman's coworker, (the family name is Park but I'm not sure on the given names) is played by Choi Siwon. This is the last drama he has ever filmed before he enlisted as a conscripted policeman.