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Genos - One Punch Man

We all know Saitama is awesome, but I just love Genos so much! He's so serious and analytical about everything, it's hilarious! Not to mention he's pretty badass himself, and a mecha-hottie!

Honorable Mentions

I just couldn't resist a little America shout-out there! With so many amazing anime heroes, this was another tough one!

Korosensei - Assassination Classroom

I have great respect for teachers, as I could never do it, and I think it's a really noble profession. Korosensei always went above and beyond for his students. He was super funny, but definitely no one you wanted to mess with! He was amazing in every way, and I will always love him!

Alucard - Hellsing Ultimate

Alucard is very much a darker hero. He's the ultimate vampire and serves the Hellsing Organization as their greatest expert vampire hunter, eliminating supernatural threats to the crown. As much as he is driven by his natural bloodlust, he is also very wise. Being immortal, he has seen a lot and has incredible insights into human nature. He's an amazing and fascinating character!

Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto

Of course Naruto is on this list! We all know his nindo, that he never gives up no matter what! He does things his own way, and he has a heart of gold! Sometimes, I feel like he tries to shoulder too much on his own, but that's just the way he is; he can't stand seeing anything bad happen when he could have done something to stop it! Sure, he was annoying at first, but he's grown into such a fantastic young man! He makes me smile!

Yato - Noragami

How could anyone not love Yato!? Well... maybe that was a bad question! At first, Yato was kind of - idk if this is quite the right word - a jerk! He was a bum who didn't really seem to care about anything except becoming a famous god with a huge following. But as we got to know him and he bonded with Hiyori and Yukine as the little sort of family they've become, he's really become quite the hero. I really hope we get a season 3 to see how he continues to grow, but either way, I need the manga!

Maka Albarn - Soul Eater

Gotta represent some girl power, and who better than Maka! Maka is the perfect student at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, and the Scythe-Meister partner of Soul Eater Evans. She reached Crona to become his (I think I've heard Crona is a girl in the manga, but I haven't read it, so my remarks are based on the anime) first friend, and she risked her soul to save her partner's. She is so strong and talented and amazing, I just love her!
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@OtakuDemon10 For real. He fights against impossible odds, knowing that a hero must do anything than can.
@BlackDragon88 I mean, he really shows that anyone can be a hero, and I think that's important!
@OtakuDemon10 Yea, the dude went up against the sea king, who was probably at least 20 times bigger than him, and was dozens of times stronger.
@BlackDragon88 yes, he is very underappreciated!
Genos is pretty cool. I also really liked Mumen Rider.
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