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Then And Now: Winner "Empty"
So one of my favorite songs by Winner is "Empty". I absolutely love this song. It has so much feeling and it get me every time. Watching the live stages of this song always gets me. I sometimes watched the first live stage and then watch the most receny stage just to see the progress they have made. Its amazing!! Check it out below!


He's so beautiful


Still killing the rap


I love that kissing move


His voice fitted this song well.


Our makane grew up :')
They have matured so well and their stage performance has only gotten better. I'm so proud of them.
Check out both live stages.

Who Do You Think Had The Biggest Transformation???

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Mino's face is so finely chiselled, gosh perfection! okay back to ur question I think Taeyhun is most transformed I mean d guy radiates a level of confidence that wasn't so obvious before, love them all Seunghoon still killing it and Seungyoon stylish a.f love dem all
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All time favorite Winner song. :D I feel like all of them show more confidence on stage and got way better at live performance. Can't wait to see more from this group.
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this is my fav Winner song it was the first one I ever heard and it was jinwoos vocals that gave me goosebumpa. they just keep getting better and better
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