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Got7 are literally visual angels brought down for our most amazing viewing pleasure! swap to the left to save your life! or absorb your souls.. I know I'm no longer ok.
Let's start with Leader Jb! JB is visual beauty times x10000! I have always love his straight serious face look, it does him well.... but then I also love this...
Bam! right in the heart! it's only a little smirk, but it means more than that coming from Jb! I love how he slightly lowers his eyebrows as he smirks! is like he puts on his bad boy face .. Oh my heart!
Mark! he's already wearing a freaking crown! why? obviously he knows he is the visual king! the sexy king, the everything king! omg I actually really do love how his crown is slanted in the back because it gives me a feel that he is a snobby prince lol
and of course... Marks signature killer move... the lick and lip bite! * shivers* * squeals* dead*
oh look! our maknae angel actually looks like a maknae here! no mischief or anything! yey ! my soul is saved one more day!
Jk you can't be saved by this angel! still came in with some lip bitting too!!! * guilty pleasure of the day*
okay so here is something unexpected, as much as I love Youngjae I just never saw him in the way I see him here, so Youngjae bias hearts.. You are warned!
he is soooo smooth in this shoot! I can hardly believe how immaculate this came out! he is gorgeous and sexy!

just wow!

Junior stans also get a complimentary warning =D
all I have to say is... I wish to wake up next to him!

Bambam angel

oh the baby bambam days shall never return =( sad... this was only last year, yet he has changed sooo much!
last but not least! in fact I put him last so that I could go on making this card lol I love how everyone is all angel looking, sweet and peaceful and Jackson is still... well... Jackson!
oh no! now I miss blonde Jackson ( I speak like he's a doll and they have different versions of him lol) anyways! I love when he bites things! is that weird?
how Lord is this possible? he has a freaking phone around his neck! it's not even dumb it's just sexy for some unexplainable reason ;)
wow! just look at how he puts his fingers inside the..... the... wait what were we talking about? I got sidetracked... damn it Jackson! can't anything be pure anymore!!!
my favorite Got7 shoot... really just so perfect! Hope you guys enjoyed as much as I did =D
That was beautiful.
@Helixx thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed