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Hello everyone!

I know this isn't a scheduled card but I have had some ideas circling around in my head for awhile and I thought that I would put them up on Vingle as a reminder and to see which ones you guys would be interested in!
Let's take a peek inside of Lexie's head...shall we? XD




I don't need you right now. STAHP.

Okay...my bad...

*you weren't suppose to see that*
Now...putting chanyeol aside...
Let's take a peek now shall we? XD

Sold! To the Highest Bidder!

This is my first idea that has been circling around for a bit.

Plot -

Main Female Lead ends up going on a date with one of the BTS members and the date suddenly goes wrong when she gets kidnapped by him and woken up in a mysterious place. All she sees are people in masks, holding up numbers. A voice suddenly erupts saying that the highest bid will be able to take her - basically being sold as a slave. One of the other members wins the bid and she ends up going home with him...

Another Lee Soo Ra?

*Still not sure of name*

Plot -

Lee Soo Ra was always popular. All the guys fawned over her and she always get everything she wanted - until another girl with her name transferred to her class one day. She wasn't as pretty as Lee Soo Ra and despite the similar name, everyone still only paid attention to the Pretty Lee Soo Ra as they called her. However, when the guy she likes (not sure of band or member yet) starts dating the other Lee Soo Ra, her little perfect life is ruined as she has always got everything she has wanted - except him.

Always Alone?

*Not sure about this title yet either*

Plot -

Main Female Lead has been alone for as long as she can remember. She has never been approached by anyone as they know that getting attached to her would only lead to sadness. She has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and all the friends she once loved have left, as they couldn't handle being around her. Just when she believes that she is going to be alone forever, a guy (one of the Astro members) transfers into her class and her once quiet life, takes a turn.

When the Queen Meets her King

*Don't be set on this title either LOL*

Plot -

Main Female Lead is a major badass. You know how most school's have a gangster at the top - most commonly known as the king of the school? Well this one has a queen. She is feared by the other gangs and she is undefeated. But what happens when she has to deal with the school next door merging with hers? And the King doesn't like the idea of a girl ruling the school? Well there is only one thing to do... become a power couple. (Super cheesy right? LOL)
PS. I am thinking the King will be Suho...but I am not sure...*sighs*...

Undead University

*Kind of like this name...not sure*

Plot -

Each school has their weirdos. Their nerds, their band geeks, and their self-proclaimed emos. But what if there was a whole school dedicated to people like that? Except, the fact that their are all dead. Zombies for a lack of a better word.
When the Main Female Lead suddenly gets accepted in a new program called 'The Human Interaction' program at the university and goes to find out she is the only living breathing human there - let's hope she doesn't get eaten alive. Literally.
*This will involve a lot of bands, like a bunch - this would mainly be a comedy but I will definitely see what I could do with romance...LOL...I feel like this would head into a Warm Bodies type of feel...*

Sing With Me

*Mehhhh...title smitle*

Plot -

Main Female Lead (I know so original) is training to become a trainee. She was so happy to be accepted as she is one step closer to her dream. She is one of four in the new group 'Vitamin' (not sure about name yet either) she goes in her first day, hoping to make friends with her fellow band mates when she finds out something shocking - the other three are guys.
*Would each be from a different band*

Well, my brain is fried at this point...

Tell me what you guys think of these ideas and if you have any that you would like to see me write about, I am open to suggestions!

(Maybe the one that gets the most votes will be the next one? After one of my other fanfics is over of course LOL).
This card will be used as a keep card, so if you have any ideas, make sure to comment so I can come back and look at it later! XD

I also want to thank you all for your constant support of my fanfictions!

It means the world to me - like literally you all make my life - to see that you like my writing! I know it isn't the best, but I hope to constantly improve and make even more interesting, super cheesy, fluffy stories for you all! I promise to continue and to always leave you hanging because lets be honest...
I love torturing you all with cliffhangers LOL *laughs manically*

Thank you all again!

And if I do end up writing one of these, be prepared to vote for some things! XD
Sorry this card was so long but I hope you guys are excited as I am for what the future is to bring! Love you all and see you soon! ~
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undead university!!!!! I mean they all sound awesome but zombies?? um yes!
I love all your stories, so I vote for all of them!!
I vote for sold
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