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Chapter 13 Who: BTS x Reader Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff Warning: Mild Language Words: 2737 If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/ - Chapter 1 -- Chapter 2 --- Chapter 3 ---- Chapter 4 ----- Chapter 5 ------ Chapter 6 ------- Chapter 7 -------- Chapter 8 --------- Chapter 9 ---------- Chapter 10 ----------- Chapter 11 ------------ Chapter 12 Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
Namjoon POV Namjoon sat on a bench in the garden sulking about the day's events. He let out a heavy sigh as he looked up toward the bright blue sky. ‘It almost feels wrong to feel so down on such a beautiful day,’ he thought letting out another heavy sigh. “Your sighing is so loud I’m sure they can hear it on the other side of the nation.” Ellin said as she walked over and sat next to Namjoon. Namjoon didn’t even bother to look over at her as she sat down. He continued to stare at the blue sky, caught up in his own sadness. “What’s on your mind Namjoon,” Ellin asked trying to get a response. Namjoon sat there in silence, unresponsive. “You know having a conversation with you is difficult when you don’t respond.” “I don’t want to respond,” Namjoon said with a sharp tongue and looking at her through the corner of his eye. “Ah, got you to answer though,” Ellin said smiling sweetly at him. He looked away from her and turned his attention back to the sky. Ellin let out a sigh herself and said, “Well sitting here and sulking isn’t going to solve anything. I came here to tell you that [Y/N] is walking around the club hall alone. I figured you might want to talk to her.” Ellin stood up and walked away frustrated. After sitting for a moment longer, Namjoon stood up and started walking toward the club halls. When Namjoon arrived he walked into a club room that was mostly empty except for a few girls and a handsome student all sitting separate from each other. “Hey hyung,” Namjoon said as he approached the boy. The boy put his hand up as to say hold on as he continued to write in a notebook. Namjoon sat next to him and watched him as he wrote. A few minutes later the boy looked up and asked, “What are you doing in the music room?” Namjoon shrugged his shoulders and slid down a little in his chair. “I guess I’m seeking your advice hyung,” Namjoon finally said. The boy turned to sit on the chair backwards facing Namjoon, resting his arms and head on the back of the chair. “You’re asking me for advice. This is a first,” the boy said. “Yoongi hyung can you take this seriously,” Namjoon asked letting out a heavy sigh. Yoongi stiffened up a bit seeing how upset Namjoon was. “What’s going on,” Yoongi asked with a serious expression. “The girl I like has a crush on someone else and I don’t know what to do.” Yoongi scoffed and shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well you obviously aren’t trying hard enough.” “Hyung!” “No, listen. If you like this girl then go after her. Even if she does like someone else. At least you know you gave 100%. Otherwise if you aren’t willing to put in that effort then give up on her. These are the options you have.” “Hyung that’s not helpful at all.” “Tough love little brother. Now I need to get back to work. Tell mom I’ll be home later tonight.” Yoongi started to get up and walk over to a piano. Namjoon stood up and picked up the notebook Yoongi had been writing in when he walked in. “Working on another song,” Namjoon asked reading the lyrics on the page. Yoongi was getting himself situated on the piano bench and said, “Yeah, I’m wanting to finish it tonight if I can. We can go over it together when I get home. Sound good?” “Yeah sounds good. Don’t get in trouble again by the school for staying too late. See you at home hyung.” Namjoon started out the door as Yoongi waved him out. Namjoon headed down the hall caught in his own thoughts. ‘Hyung makes a point,’ he thought. ‘As soon as I saw Taehyung take steps forward I instantly backed away. I shouldn’t give up so easily. That’s why I’m still where I am.’ Namjoon took in a deep breath and straightened his posture. “Fighting!” he yelled as he let out his breath.
[Y/N] POV Walking around the club halls was a lot different from yesterday. They were pretty much empty and quiet. You slowly walked around to different doors peeking into the windows. You knew you were considering the photography club but you wanted to keep your options open. Photography wasn’t your only skill so you didn’t want to settle on that club. You passed by a door that was cracked so you peeked inside. You heard a bunch of laughter from girls and a few boys. You looked at the sign on the door and read it, “Cooking Club.” You slowly opened the door and stepped into the room. Everyone turned to look at you and someone caught your eye. “[Y/N]?” Nana asked. You looked at her shocked and a handsome student turned to look at you. “Hey! Welcome to the cooking club. Please take a seat,” he said motioning for you to sit with the rest of the students huddled around him. You sat near the edge a few people away from Nana and glanced over at her. She looked at you annoyed then turned her attention back to the handsome student talking with a smile spread across her face. “As I was saying,” he started, “This is the cooking club and we meet twice a week. I’m the president of the club Kim Seokjin. I’m a third year student this year. In this club we will make a large variety of dishes and sweets. We don’t just stick to cooking we also explore baking. Does anyone have any questions?” “Do we need to bring our own ingredients,” a student asked. “No you don’t. Our club has a budget so we get most everything covered. However to help support that budget we will have bake sales or run a cafe during lunch charging small fees.” “You said the club meets twice a week, what days are those,” another student asked him. “We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week. Because our club meets so little you are able to participate in more than one club. Our club will also work with other clubs from time to time.” You sat there listening to the different questions and answers happening. You felt your phone buzz so you pulled it out of your pocket and looked at the screen. It was a text from Nana. You unlocked your phone and read her message. From: Nana Message: You actually did come to look at clubs. I thought you were lying. You had a sour look on your face and stared at your phone for a moment. You were about to text her back when it buzzed with another message from Nana. From: Nana Message: I thought you were going to join the photography club You let out a heavy sigh and started texting Nana back. To: Nana Message: I wanna try out other clubs too A loud clapping noise brought your attention away from your phone and to Seokjin. “Now,” he said excitedly, “Who wants to cook something?” Most everyone’s hands shot up into the air. He let out a contagious laugh. You started laughing with him lightly and watched as he walked to the cooking counter at the front of the room. “Go ahead and get in groups of two or three and we will start our recipe of the day.” You walked over to a cooking counter and Nana joined you. You stiffly smiled over at her and sat your bag down on the floor. She ignored you as she sat down on a nearby stool. ‘She’s being extra moody today,’ you thought looking over at her. Seokjin was walking around handing out aprons to everyone in the room. “Please put this on so you don’t ruin your uniforms. Also we already have veteran group members here with us today so they will be going around to the different groups helping you with your cooking. They will also be supervising your cooking skills and determining how much help you will need in the future and help create future groups if you decide to stay,” Seokjin said as he continued to pass out aprons. About five other students stood with Seokjin at the front of the room awaiting orders to help groups. Seokjin turned and wrote “Chocolate Chip Cookies” on the board and turned back to the club and said, “Today we are going to start with an easy recipe of chocolate chip cookies. All of the ingredients needed are at your stations as well as a recipe card and the tools needed. Please follow the instructions on the card to make the cookies. When you are finished you will be able to take them home with you.” As soon as he finished talking a large amount of ruckus started in the room. Chatter, clanging of cooking utensils and much more. You picked up the recipe card and examined it. It was a generic recipe for chocolate chip cookies, nothing special. You smiled to yourself and thought, ‘I think I’ll add a few things.’ You started getting the ingredients ready when Nana started talking to you. “You know [Y/N], you left me standing outside for a long time. I finally gave up and came here.” You kept most of your focus on baking as you talked to her. “Sorry, Nana.” “That’s it? That’s all you have to say?” Her voice was rude and irritated. “Look Nana, what do you want me to say. I forgot to text you, I’m sorry.” You snapped at her and she looked shocked and irritated. You hadn’t ever snapped at her like that before. You turned your focus back to the recipe and said, “Sorry Nana. I didn’t mean to snap.” You didn’t notice as she rolled her eyes and then started twirling her long hair around her finger. ‘She’s not even bothering to cook. Why is she here,’ you thought to yourself. “Nana, can you help me with the cooking?” “Yeah sure but I don’t know what I’m doing. Actually how about I just watch you.” Nana said sarcastically. “Sure, whatever.” You said annoyed with her. ‘Like always making me do all of the work,’ you thought as you focused on mixing ingredients. “Wow you ladies are doing really well,” Seokjin said as he approached the counter. You looked up to see a sweet smile spread across his face. He wasn’t saying anything but he seemed to be screaming excitement through his expression. “Thank you sunbae,” Nana said in a flirtatious voice, “though would you mind helping us with the next steps? We are a little lost.” “Sure! Where are you at?” Seokjin moved around to your side of the counter and Nana bumped you with her hip pushing you out of the way then shot you a look that sent shivers down your spine. You rubbed your hip where she bumped you looking at her confused and shocked. You stepped out of the way for Seokjin to get in between the two of you. “Okay, so you girls are here,” he said pointing at the recipe card. Nana nodded and said moving closer to Seokjin, “mmhmm, but how do we do this part?” You stopped listening as you watched Nana flirt with Seokjin. ‘That’s why she is at the cooking club,’ you thought as you watched her. He started working on the cookies for both of you and you watched off to the side. ‘He shouldn’t be doing that,’ you thought, ‘doing that step too early will make the cookies runny and they won’t rise to be fluffy. They will be flat.’ “Seokjin Sunbae you are sooooo good at this,” you heard Nana’s voice whine in your ears. You rolled your eyes and took your apron off. Seokjin looked over at you concerned and asked, “Where are you going?” “Just going to the bathroom sunbae. I’ll be back,” you said walking away. When you came back you saw the Nana still flirting with Seokjin and not even paying attention to the cooking he was doing. You sighed and put your apron back on. “Can I help you Seokjin sunbae,” You asked trying to take over for him. He smiled down at you and said, “Yes thank you. You can take over if you feel comfortable to.” You nodded and smiled at him. He moved out of the way and said, “Great! If you need anymore help just let me or any other member know. We will help you along the way.” You finished the required mixing and put small amounts of cookie dough on a baking sheet and put it in the already preheated oven. You sat back in a nearby chair waiting for the cookies to bake. Seokjin walked up to the front of the room to make an announcement. “I’m going to make him mine,” Nana said sitting next to you. You just nodded and made a humming noise. “He’s super hot isn’t he,” she with a cunning expression. You didn’t really understand what she was getting at but you said, “There’s more than just looks Nana. You should get to know him too.” She waved your response off with her hand and continued to stare at Seokjin. “Everyone! Thank you for coming in today to test out the cooking club. It’s been great to see all of you. Our first official club meeting will be next week on Tuesday. Of course we are holding another open house in Thursday so you are welcome to come by again. As everyone is finishing up your cookies don’t worry about cleaning up the materials, we will clean them for you. We hope you had fun,” Seokjin announced from the front of the room. Everyone applauded his announcement and said thank you to him leaving him with a large smile on his face. You heard your oven beeping so you checked in on the cookies. You pulled out the cookies and laid the tray on top of the oven. Looking at the cookies you smiled. ‘Even if they are a little flat, it was still really fun to make them at school,’ you thought as you started to take the cookies off the tray. Nana grabbed a few of the cookies and put them in a bag that was on the counter. You watched her as she ran to Seokjin with the cookies handing them to him. He accepted them with a smile and after a few words with Nana she came running back to you. “You ready to go home [Y/N],” she asked smiling largely. You shook your head now and said, “I’m going to stay and help clean up.” “But he said we don’t have to help clean up.” “I know, but I at least want to clean up our station.” Nana took her apron off and messily put it on the counter then picked up her bag. “Well whatever. I’m going home you can stay here. I’m going to get sunbae’s phone number before I go.” “Be safe Nana.” You watched as Nana walked up to Seokjin and talked to him for a small while. She had her phone out ready to get his number and you looked away. You stood at the station cleaning the dishes and wiping down the counters. Once you finished cleaning your station you moved on to the next one. Not paying attention to the time you ended up staying there and helping the club clean up the entire space. It was sunset and the school would be closing soon so you gathered your things. “Thank you for staying to help,” Seokjin said to you as he dried his hands. “I didn’t want to leave all the work to you guys. Thanks for allowing me to participate today sunbae,” You said smiling at him. He nodded at you. You took off your apron and Seokjin took it from you to hang up with the others. “I hope to see you again next time as an official member. Umm sorry what’s your name?” “[Y/N]. Thanks again sunbae! I’ll be heading home now.” “Be safe getting home [Y/N].” You waved to him and the remaining members before walking out of the club room and heading toward the main doors.
I am starting to hate Nana ! Huhuhu!
Why did a scene from 'Mean Girls' pop into my head right now! Lmao! Girls can get so mean n petty when it comes to guys. *rolls eyes* Hmm maybe that's why I had more guy friends then girl friends...way less drama! lol
Ooo, tension and jealousy increasing. Competition is rising on all fronts.