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Alright sorry you all had you wait one full day for this update. i was going to . it posted . hour . but I was having issues with my computer. .....If you missed @SweetDuella S chapter click here Again sorry for any feels that may or may not show up in here......
Sarah didn’t really think much but took off running over to Jhope. She jumped on him hugging him while laughing. “What are you doing here? Is anyone else with you?” She looked around hoping Kookie wasn’t with them, although she still wanted to see him. “No we came ourselves” Namjoon said “Oh ok. Hobi there are no ghost here.” Sarah said patting his back. “Yes there is!” he said and kept checking around him. Jenni smiled and pointed towards the woods and Sarah followed. “Come on don’t be so scared.” Jenni said and poof she was gone in the trees. “Yea, there can’t be anything bad in here.” Sarah said and poof she was gone too. “Namjoon tell them to get back here we need to go, I hate this place.” Jhope said pushing at Namjoon. Namjoon laughed and went to go grab the girls. Right after he vanished the girls screamed. Jhope jumped and stared at the woods. “Guys!” He screamed trying to get them to respond. “Jhope help” Sarah cried out. He didn’t think and just went. Something was wrong. He walked in two steps and froze Namjoon was on the ground not moving. He ran over to him and shook him. “Namjoon! Wake up!” Namjoon didn’t move. A few trees away there was another scream. He didn’t want to leave Namjoon but he was still worried about the girls. He took another step. “AHH!” Sarah jumped out and grabbed Jhope causing him to scream. She giggled. “Sarah this isn’t funny Namjoon’s over there on the ground.” He pointed and turned to where he left Namjoon and he was no longer there. “Jhope…you are next” Someone said just a few steps ahead of them. Both Sarah and Jhope looked around. He clung to Sarah. “Can we leave those two alone?” He said to her. “I’ll go get her.” Sarah laughed “No you can’t leave me!” He pulled her into his arms and was hugging her. “Ok Ok let’s go together.” Sarah was trying to loosen this grip. “Just a bit more.” After another step Jhope stopped. “Sarah do you see that?” Sarah looked to where he was pointing. Someone was standing behind a tree peeking out. “Nah I don’t see anything.” Sarah lied “Hey guys!” they heard behind them and Jhope screamed and turned around to see Namjoon. “Namjoon why are you doing this to me!” Jhope said “Because it’s fun.” He laughed “Dude don’t turn around.” Namjoon said trying to put on a serious face. Of course Jhope didn’t listen and turned around. “GOTCHA!” Jenni screamed and grabbed him. “AHHHHHH” He fell to the ground and curled into a ball. “I feel bad now.” Sarah said laughing and sitting next to him. “Eh, that was fun! Let’s go Namjoon.” Jenni said and grabbed Namjoon’s hand and skipping out of the woods. “I’m sorry Hobi, I won’t do it again.” She hugged him. “Can I ask you something?” He said getting serious on her. “What?” “Why didn’t Namjoon bring Kookie instead of me, Kookie can handle scary things.” “Because I… I need some time away from him.” “Why?” “Because.” Sarah stood up she wasn’t ready for this conversation. She walked out of the woods leaving Jhope behind and he quickly followed. Her phone buzzed and she pulled it out. Kookie: Can you tell me why you are mad at me? Sarah: I’m not mad at you Kookie: Jenni said you are mad Sarah: I’m not mad she is, I am just upset Kookie: Can you tell me why Sarah: I don’t want to talk about it. Kookie: Why won’t you lean on me? I hate that you’re upset and won’t talk to me in person. Sarah: I need time. Kookie: Time for what? Sarah stopped texting and turned her phone off. She was on the verge of telling him to come here so she could tell him everything, and show how hurt she was, but she didn’t want to. He had every right to date other girls. Sarah turned to Jhope. “Can I have a piggy back ride?” “No” “Please I promise I’ll never scare you again and I’ll buy you ice cream.” “Oh ice cream and no more scaring ok deal.” He turned and let her jump on his back. “Ok I have a question.” Sarah asked “What?” “Did Kookie buy any jewelry lately?” “Actually he did the other day. He went right after practice and then went to eat. “ “With who?” “I don’t know but I thought it was you. He was all excited to go out.” Sarah was starting to really see that those rings weren’t for him and her; it was for him and another girl. “Thanks for coming out. I needed happiness.” Sarah said and rested her head on his shoulder. “Well anytime you need cheering up you know who to call.” He said and bounced to get a better grip on Sarah. “Yea Tae” she smiled “Hey” “And you of course.” They had almost made it to the street when Sarah’s breath caught in her throat. “What’s wrong?” Jhope heard her. “Nothing, I’m going to rest now.” Sarah closed her eyes and tried to steady her breathing. “Kookie why are you here?” Jenni snapped. “I wanted to see her, I know she isn’t mad at me and is just upset.” He said “Upset….you think she is just upset!” “Hey can you guys be quiet Sarah fell asleep” Jhope said “She didn’t sleep well last night or this morning.” Jenni commented “Kookie I think it’s best if you just go home.” Namjoon said “Why is it that I’m not allowed to be around her but you guys are.” He snapped. Sarah could hear him close to her. Her heart was racing and she had tears coming out of her eyes. “Because they didn’t do something to upset her.” Jenni snapped Sarah could tell Jenni was getting more pissed off with the passing conversation. Sarah felt someone wipe away her tears. “She’s’ crying. I don’t like that.” Kookie said and Sarah couldn’t hold in anymore, she opened her eyes and saw his face by hers. His hand was on her cheek and they stared at each other for a moment. She leaned back picking her head up off of Jhope’s shoulder. “Put me down” she said to Jhope and he did. “Sarah can we talk.” Kookie said taking a step closer to her. Sarah’s eyebrows crashed together and her tears were flowing more, she bit her lip and tried to stop the tears from falling. Her stomach did flips and she took a step back. “No.” “Please” “I…I can’t” She said and took off running. She needed to get away. She thought he would stop but he ran after her. “Namjoon you need to stop him, I think he is making this worse for Sarah.” Jenni said “I’ll go.” Jhope said and ran after the two. “Sarah Please stop!” Kookie yelled but Sarah wasn’t going to stop. She was about to run across the street but was stopped. “What are you doing Sarah?” She looked up to see Dominic. She looked back and saw how close Kookie was and just Jumped on the back of Dominic’s bike. “Go Please!” “What’s….” “Now! Quick.” Dominic quickly hit the gas pedal and drove off. Sarah took one more look at the man that she liked so much and saw the look of hurt on his face, she felt bad for doing what she did but she didn’t want to know about his new girlfriend. She cried into Dominic’s back while he drove her home. “Thanks Dom.” Sarah said getting off the back of his bike. “Yea no problem, But can you tell me why you were running from that guy?” “I’m just not ready to talk to him about his new relationship.” “Is that the kookie guy you had that date with?” he asked “Yup.” “Well if you need my help you know how to get ahold of me.” He said and was about to drive away. “Wait! Why were you there? That was like perfect timing when you showed up.” “I heard you guys were doing a haunted house and I was just making sure you two weren’t scared, but I saw you guys had those two guys with you so I was just going to head home and you started running my way. I thought you had seen me.” “Oh no not until I was right there next to you. I was crying you know.” Sarah was still crying but not as much as she was when she was on his bike. “Alright go inside I’ll let Jenni know I got you home safe.” “Alright night, Again thank you.” Dominic drove off and Sarah went into the house and went straight to her room. She messed up with running away from him. What was she going to tell him now? What was anyone going to do? Sarah turned on her phone and saw several messages pop up. The only one she looked at was a message from JB. JB: How was the Haunted house? Sarah: Good had fun scaring the others in the group. JB: That would have been fun to see Sarah: Hey want to… go on a date with me? JB: Are you serious? Sarah: Yea, I should give you a chance shouldn’t I? JB: YES, YES you should. I’m not free till Monday though. Sarah: That’s fine JB: Yes! I am so going to tell the guys. Sarah: HA ok I’m heading to bed, I’ll see you Monday. JB: Night! Sarah curled up into a ball on her bed and snuggled into her Tae pillow… she called it this because the smiley face on the pillow reminded her of Tae. She was thinking about what she just did. Another thing she wasn’t sure was the right thing to do but she Knew Jenni would tell her going on dates is a fast way to get over someone but she didn’t feel right. Maybe after she talked to Jenni she might feel better.
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Oh what a mess. Jenni needs to slip up and.let someone else know what is going on or Kookie will remain clueless.