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I don't know this youtuber, but I just recently saw this. And like it says, its better to be safe than sorry. spread the word if its possible! I will post a card on why I have not been on here tomorrow.
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I posted this in my facebook too, gosh for some reason I am freaking out here.
Oh wow, I have no idea who she is but I'm very worried. I hope this gets settled soon😓
A bunch of people are saying it's just a stunt and I really don't know who to trust? I'll probably look more into it but...?
I found a thing on it and it seems pretty believable so don't stress too much guys
shes saying everything is alright but something is clearly going on whether its a publicity stunt or drugs or whatever. yes she deserves privacy and she doesnt have to tell us if she doesnt want us to know but dont lie about your behavior. we arent stupid. just say its personal so you dont want to give us details and leave it at that :-|