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I'm fighting dinosaurs on my motorcycle, with my mom using a frying pan and living off of burritos and icees
Fighting berserks, on my bike, with my Neverwinter team, eating burritos and Sunny D, and my main weapon: a bath towel -___-
Pretty sure angry teenagers are no problem with a 2x4 while driving a van eating ramen noodles and drinking water with my bother, I got it licked
@CandyApple22 Ahem... *narrator voice* A girl...and her eldest brother...driving around in a black toyota ...trying to survive in a world full of berserkers off of pasta, peas& carrots, pork and lemonade/raspberry juice rations ....using only a remote to stop the madness that has consumed the world.... will they be able to change the way things are by relying on Direct TV operations? Will they get sick of pork? can they stomach the twisted ways of berserkers ? .... FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DBZ
I'm fighting angry teenagers with my friend using a glass cup and I'm living off of Cracker Jack and milk weapons a computer mouse, vehicles a city bus, food is chai tea & a croissant sandwich....and my enemies are cyborgs. Surprisnlgy, I htink the computer mouse might help XD
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