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I'm fighting dinosaurs on my motorcycle, with my mom using a frying pan and living off of burritos and icees
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I'm fighting no one with a ceiling fan in a Crysller 300 with my friend Nashley while surviving on rice with mixed vegetables and water. Looks like I'm set for another 30 years
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I'm fighting zombies with my mom using the headboard of my bed driving a dodge ram and living off of hot dogs and sunny d orange juice..... I think I'll survive about a month or two
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I'm fighting giant snakes with my dad using a laptop while driving a maxima and i have to live off ramen and soda
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I'm fighting cyborgs with my grandma using a pillow as a weapon while driving a BMW and living off of cereal and milk
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my weapon is my sister, my teammate is a friend of mine that has a thing for my sister, I have a car, an unlimited supply of Gatorade and ice cream AND im fighting furries.
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