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Nali fan forever! Don't die Nali fans!!
@LateefMolette Look Ima be real with you.. I honestly mean no disrespect but here's my whole view on the situation... Lisanna was Natsu's first crush/love... Im not gonna lie about it they had a cute young relationship when they were young and it's probably one of the cutest child ships Ive seen... but when Lisanna "died" Natsu was sad..but he had to move on... not only for himself but Happy, the Guild and his search for Igneel. When he met Lucy everything changed. He was able to find someone he could team up with again, he had found a new person he could lean on. After they found out Lisanna was alive did you ever see Natsu just completely leave Lucy behind and go straight back to Lisanna? No. Because he moved on, and because he moved on he has grown stronger as a character as well. I honestly think that's what Mashima's intention was from the beginning. He used Lisanna as a character growth for Natsu (just emotionally ofc) and idk If you didn't know this but Hiro didn't even want to bring Lisanna back but because of the Anime creators he brought her back. Lisanna is his past and Lucy is his future. Like I said NaLi was cute and it was beautiful... but it's all over now and NaLu is now more beautiful than ever. That's why I ship NaLu if. Tbh even if Lisanna had never died I dont think it would've lasted especially if Lucy joined the guild in another way. NaLu is the ship amd I honestly couldn't see who else is better.
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It's funny how people argue for non living characters😂😂😂😂 people have different points of view and will sometimes never agree. As I have said before, we don't see through the eyes we she through our hearts and minds, that is the reason why sometimes what you and I see are very different. We must accept and respect our differences and move forward or out community will fall apart. #NALUFOREVER✊
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As much as I love both these ships, I just don't see NaLi happening. Natsu and Lisanna barely even talk. Also it is stated by Hiro himself that Natsu likes Lucy more than a friend but doesn't know if she feels the same way about him.
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You spelled Nalu wrong 😷😜
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lotta SALT in the comments section
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